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  1. catfish

    catfish Full Member

    Hi All, just wanted to check in.... Im Linda and I am a failed CDer! :mad: I succeeded two years ago with a combination of LL and CD to lose 3.5 stone, I actually became a CD counsellor, but no longer doing it (long story), but after topping the scales this morning at my heaviest ever, I have decided that I need to get back on it. i am back to the old habits of drinking wine almost every day and completely taking my eye off the ball in terms of my food intake. I have enough in date product left over from my CD counsellor days to do at least 8 weeks - so I am not visiting a counsellor, and instead, am hopefully going to use this site and my own info to spur me on..... I am leaving it until Monday as I am away with family this weekend and am too embarrassed to be on it again after having put all of my lost weight back on over the last two years. makes me a bit sad that I am heavier than ever... do you think that its right, that diets don't work and then you gain all of your lost weight plus some,- once its done??? just wondered what everyone feels about it.
    I will be on the site for the next few days leading up to my grand beginning.... just to get some inspiration, and to be in to the zone ready for Monday.
    hope to hear from some of you along the way..... xx :)
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  3. evi1ang3l

    evi1ang3l Full Member

    Hi Linda i agree about the diet thing but then i guess it comes down to bad choices we make food wise and for me i seem to have made lots and lots of them :) this is my 3rd attempt and final one too i tried it by my self but cudnt do it i needed to be weighed for motivation. Good luck on your journey i wouldn't overload on the carbs i did and paying for it now with the headache from hell.
    Have a lovely weekend my first weigh in is monday so im only a week ahead will keep an eye out for how u r doing x
  4. AuburnAshes

    AuburnAshes Full Member

    Hi Linda, good luck. I've just started today and am a bit worried about the same thing as you - that I'll lose weight, then put it back on and more besides (it wouldn't be the first time :rolleyes:).

    I'm hoping that if I lose a couple of stones, I won't feel so embarrassed about going running and swimming (which I quite enjoy, but feel so self conscious at the moment), and I'll be able to use the exercise to help me maintain.

    I'm unexpectedly single with 2 kids and 4 months to go before my 40th birthday, so I am feeling motivated enough just now anyway! :)
  5. Chartreuse

    Chartreuse Full Member

    Hi Catfish, if you're trying again then you haven't failed. You're ready to pick up and keep trying, and you should applaud yourself for that. Personally I have lost weight in a variety of ways and eventually put it back on, but I've forgiven myself and I'm not beating myself up. I'm just going to try my very best at this and follow the rules 100%. Good luck, and keep us updated.
  6. catfish

    catfish Full Member

    Hi Evi1ang3l, yes, I agree with the weighing giving you motivation, but I have so much product left, (and as we know it isn't cheap) so I am going to try to keep motivated by using the site religiously!! and I am hoping that your headache clears up soon, its awful isn't it!! x
  7. catfish

    catfish Full Member

    Hi Auburn ashes, that's the only thing that nags at me, I know that if I return to my old eating habits, then its a given, and I will regain, but, I am worried that my body will get used to the low calorie intake and get too used to it, then even if I eat normally (whats normal?) I will still regain?? Grrr, ah well, I suppose its got to be worth a try, and maybe as its not forever, my body might manage better if I go up the steps correctly?? Keep in touch, I am interested in your progress, anything planned for your 40th?? x
  8. catfish

    catfish Full Member

    Hi Chartreuse, thank you so much for your comment, I always feel like a failure, and your comment was a lovely surprise, and has made me look at myself slightly differently, and, yes, I will give myself a little clap!!:), and like you, I am going to do it 100%, and I actually am looking forward to the challenge, and then hopefully the quick payback in losses? X
  9. AuburnAshes

    AuburnAshes Full Member

    I did consider spending my birthday drinking vodka and crying but fortunately some fantastic friends have insisted that is NOT happening!

    I think I might have a little party. I was thinking of having a (sorry...bit rude) 'Give good head' theme, and ask people to wear fabulous wigs, headgear, make-up...whatever they like.

    Full-on fancy dress can be a bit of a nuisance to organise, but I thought something like that would make it fun. I won't be doing SS+ *that* week, I can tell you!

    I will definitely keep coming back to see how you're getting on. I think you're right about moving up the steps properly being the way to go. Whatever diet I'm doing, I always just stop dead, and I think that's my downfall.
  10. catfish

    catfish Full Member

    Hi Auburn, love the good head party idea, sounds like a plan, much netter than drinking vodka in tears!!!

    well, I have finally started,.... had internet probs yesterday, so couldn't post, but on it for real and through to the end this time, moving up the steps properly etc, I think that has to be why I have failed in the past, sounds like you have found the same too.

    so on we go, feeling good, and determined to do this, how are you doing?
  11. evi1ang3l

    evi1ang3l Full Member

    Well done catfish on starting again you can do this this time we are all with you x just keep looking on here when u feel u might give in i look at all the photos and just think mine will be on there soon x
  12. evi1ang3l

    evi1ang3l Full Member

    Hi just thought i would check in see how you are doing ? Hope you are still on it x
  13. magz

    magz New Member

    hey im starting again tomorrow got my cwpc coming with my packs tomorrow cant wait good luck and we could keep each other on track xx
  14. Newme2014

    Newme2014 Full Member

    Hey catfish, how was your first week? Did you have your weigh in yet? I hope you managed to stick to it :)

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