premenstrual feeling


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My CDC said that is normal. she said you may experience mood swings. Also, when iam sleep deprived i get really tearful and emotional. I have even woken up crying from lack of sleep so it could be that rather than the diet. tey getting a nap when you little one does, if you can :)


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yes ive been like that since day 7, im moody, irratable, snappy, ect, ive been on CD nearly 6 weeks and it hasnt got better, my partner has learnt to put up with me and not take it personal lol


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I think it was KD who said that when you lose fat, hormones that were stored in the fat (e.g. oestrogen) affect your body balance. That's why people have all sorts of moods and some have irregular totms. Am lucky as my moods have never really been affected by my hormones but I have been having irregular totms. It's starting to slowly settle now though.


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I find that im ok, but as soon as someone starts eating infront of me i become evil. Last night my Bf and dad had an indian takeaway and I felt like crying, and I was so nasty, just sat there all moody!! I think it was jealousy, they were eating a nice meal and could not have anything!!!
I have become teary and fed up also!
Tess xx


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It's not the fact that i've been up early, that's a regular thing as have young children. The statement about the hormones being all over the place makes a lot of sense because it really does feel hormonal. Thank you for your advice it's appreciated and it does help, was a bit reluctant to ask. x