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Pretty little blue Pill!!!- the fight to the end!!!!!


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well today is my first day on Xenical!!!!

WOW...im so scared, but at the same time so excited!!!
i have really got no idea what the heck im doing!!!!! lol...

Ive still got a shed load of slim fast shakes to have so im going to do that along side this for now, as i dont like wasting money....
the shakes range from 5-6g of fat, so they are not that bad....
but we will see if the little blue pill thinks otherwise... if thats the case then i will def stop taking them...

Breakfast this morning i didnt get time to have breakfast, so no tab for me... lunch i had a chocolate slim fast shake. and a big glass of no added sugar squash.....

how long does it take for the pill to start working????

i dont know if my brain went into OMG, but ive had the worse uncomfortablness over night... but i think that is more scared, and worried than anything else.. lol....

might have lentil soup (made from lentils, (not sure what they are like...) and a load of veg eg: pots, sweet pots, celery, onion, carrots, and i think thats what it was.... not sure on the fat content...(as ive not worked that one out yet) but each serving has about 200 cals in it.. (from when i was doing slim fast, it was a good lunch for me to have with my hubby on the weekend....

if any one reading this has any experiences with any of these foods let me know.....
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mines a skimmed latte
hiya Kes, i've not been on xenical for long so i'm still learning! I don't know how the shakes will affect the pill but you should be ok. the soup sounds fab - along as you don't add cream or butter. The only thing i've encountered that i wasn't expecting was a little uncomfortablness following a large piece of salmon - oily fish!!! i guess the tabs aren't really that intelligent to know the difference between good and bad fats so i've steered clear of fish, nuts and avocados!! welcome and good luck - this site is fab for venting, support and advice x


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so far so good!! lol.. although its been less than 24 hours!!!

I was a little cheeky this morning, i got on the scales, and i finally saw what ive wanted to see for the last 2 weeks!!! 15st 13lb!!! woop woop!!!
ive been stuck on exactly 16st 0lb for over 2 weeks now... and i can not believe that ive done the what i thought was unthinkable!!! yay...

now lets keep it going down!!

will post later about what i have had!


mines a skimmed latte
Fantastic news!! go you! i'm desperate to get under 18 stone! 3lbs!!!!!
Hi Kes well done on your loss.
I cant take xenical with slim fast as they gave me awful stomach cramps. I think it was something to do with the amount of milk I was drinking. Everyone is different though so you may be fine:D
Good luck with your journey


gunna be a fatty for ever
hey well done!!! it feels good to say good bye to a stone bracket doesnt it!!!

your doing great keep it up!!!
:welcome2: Good luck with your journey to slimville x


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oh thankyou all so much!...
still not any sign of anything horrible... so touch wood!!!
ive been so busy with the children i look after this morning, that ive kinda had my mind on other things, but as soon as i stop, im like. ohhh whats going to happen! lol.. hopefully this feeling will wear off!!!!

ive had a strawberry slim fast for breakfast, no snack, and am having a forrest fruits smoothie for lunch... and a big glass of squash....
i have a lot of trouble drink straight water. so im having no added sugar squash, fairly diluted but still tastes a lot better than water.. lol. the water here is horrid.

for dinner i think my hubby is going to do lemon chicken. (they are legs so he is going to take the skin off them (we didnt ahve any breasts in the freezer :( )) and then have salad with it....
hope its going to ok.... if not im sure i will find out about it LOL...
i feel fine today.. i was a bit :( yesterday. and didnt want to be anywhere but bed. but i got through it...
i think it might ahve been more to do with the fact that i failed doing it on my own... (i know i know) but i hope these pretty little blue pills work...
but im happier now that ive seen the scales go one lower than what ive been on for 2 weeks..... YAY... although im still not claiming it on my sig or ticker as its not weigh day....
i have to go to the docs every 2 weeks for a while until he is happy with how i am doing, so here is hoping for 5lb-8lb in the 2 weeks... does anyone think im setting my sights too high???
No! Aim for the sky!
Some people find they get a bit bunged up when first on the tabs, also headache seems common, but these do settle. Ive seen people get big losses the first couple weeks, but also some that are disappointed with their first week, but keep with it, there is plenty of proof around here that they work....you just have to commit to sticking with it for the long haul!:D


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still no sign of anything (thank goodness) but yeah i have kinda been too scared to do anything...
today ive had a vanilla slim fast shake for breakie, chocolate shake for lunch, and for dinner i have had a massive plate of stir fry, with a blue dragon sauce (garlic and hoisin sauce) and im stuffed... we didn even ahve a ww chocolate mousse for pud but i dont think ill have it as im just too full!! normally i would have it because i want it...

snack i had a satsuma, and a hand full of cheerios...
not really sure what i should/allowed to have for snacks. so if anyones got any top snacks let me know...

feeling ok today.. ive got a fair amount of energy tonight so im just tryng to make the most of it and get some housework done, and ironing, and also run around after my hubby (normally it would be the other way round because im either too tired or too lazy!!)

bring on monday where i can weigh in........
although i am kinda scared, as we are going down to some friends house and well ive kinda explained to her what i need to eat or what i cant eat... and bless they have been so supportive...


gunna be a fatty for ever
awww its good that your friends r bein supportive!!!

Iced gems r 97 cals and 3.3g of pat per 100 grams so they are a tastey treat an in the rules and fit in with your 100cal snack on SF

your doing fab! you will be fine i promise!! you need to have a little confidence in your self!!

have a lovely day!

love katie


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as everyone will see (apart from the ticker as ive not done that...) weigh in this morning confimed my 4lb loss :):):):):):):):):) soooo happy about this!! ive finally made it down to below 16 stone! yayyayayyayayyay
ive got a busy one today, but ill trying and get int what i did over the weekend a little later...
woop woop...


mines a skimmed latte
EXCELLENT NEWS!!! Fantastic Kes, my first month has been bad - not eating fat but doing something very wrong! I'm gonna take a leaf outta your book and try a few days on slimfast - i emphasise the try!! I just love my food too much!


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i also love food... but ive made this choice to loose weight so ive got to give somewhere! lol..
the chocolate premade shakes and also the banoffee ones are scrummy... so try those first... although i did find out over the weekend (after looking at the fat content) a pre made drink has about 5-6 g fat... but the powder that you make with skimmed milk is only about 3g fat.... couldnt believe it!!


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right lets catch up on food for the last few days....

usual coffee with sweetner and skimmed milk
Breakfast: Banoffee Premade shake
Snack: nothing
Lunch: banana premade shake
Snack: satsuma, small handfull of raspberries, and 15 or so skittles :D
Dinner: Pasta with Dolmio extra mushroom sauce with honey ham chopped and added, and 1/2 fat cheese
Snack: Nothing.

Usual coffee with sugar, and skimmed milk
Breakfast: Cafe late premade shake
Snack: Nothing
Lunch: Chicken breast cooked in 1 clove garlic and worcester sauce with salad- lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and a small amound of 1/2 fat cheese grated on there, with Kraft light french dressing and morrisons eat smart herb and garlic dressing (couldnt decide which one to have, so i had a small amount of each... was really nice!!)
Snack:handfull of raspberries
Dinner: Pad Thai- Prawns, squid, thai ribbon noodles, beansprouts, mangetout, eggs, garlic, ginger, lime juice, chilli sauce, fish sauce. YUM!!!
Snack: 2 pots of Weight watchers toffee and chocolate pots.
also had a few malabu and diet cokes!!!! YUM.. lol

Usual coffee, with sugar and skimmed millk
Breakfast- cafe late shake
Snack- Nothing
Lunch- Baxters butternut squash and red pepper soup with 2 slices of french stick bread without butter.
Snack- Nothing
Dinner- spaghetti (white) with dolmio light sauce (hmm not exactly nice...) added mushrooms, garlic, and broccoli) didnt eat it all as started to feel full, and i wasnt keen on the taste.
Snack: weight watchers chocolate mousse.

ive not done too bad considering i was at a friends house, they were extreemly supportive!! cant believe they worked the whole weekend around me.. was really sweet!!!

Obviously other than the cheese, has anyone seen anything that ive eaten that i prob shouldnt have..
ive not had any problems at all with what ive eaten, but if anyone sees anything??
ive not been overly worried about over the weekend what calories i ate (as long as i stuck to the fat i was happy) didnt want to have to make my friends eat lettuce leaves with me LOL....


gunna be a fatty for ever
well done kes thats fab!!!

its really strange with the pre made shakes isnt it!!!

keep up the good work



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yeah couldnt believe it!!! i dont know what they put in there>??? lol.. but they do taste nicer.. (pre made ones!!!) but im surving on the powder for today .... might need to go and get some more skimmed milk for work and have the powder more often!! every bit helps!!


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Yay, ive survived 1 whole week on the pretty blue pill!! i cant believe that its going so well!!!
as i started last tuesday, i decided to have a sneaky peek at the scales (although once again i only weighed in yesterday! lol) and ive lost another pound!!!
is this healthy..... loosing a pound a day???? im worried that its going to go off tooooo quick, leaving me in the position that its going to go allll abck on! although i say its not...

yesterdays food was......
my usual coffee with sweetner and skimmed milk.
Breakfast: Chocolate Slim fast drink made from powder
Snack: nothing
Lunch: Strawberry slim fast drink made from powder
Snack: nothing
Dinner: Home made (spices and all!! well cuffed with myself) chicken Dopiaza!!!! had loads of spices. (so im hoping none of them are going to back fire!) and the only things that i could work out that had fat in them were, the fry light, chicken, rice, potatos (do they have fat in them???) and i think that was it..... used no fat natural yoghurt... so unless it doesnt read what it says on the label, then thats got fat in it too!!!!
it was yummy, although too spicy for my liking.. so i ended up just eating the good bits, and leaving half the rice, and most of the sauce!!
but was still full so that was good!!!
didnt feel like anything to have for snack so i had nothign!!!

feeling quite postive about it all (at the min) and the fact that i dont feel like im missing out on anything (at the moment) is quite good..

Bless my hubby, (who is smaller than a stick) stood out in the Kitchen and ate some chocolate, so that i couldnt smell it (i smell chocolate from a mile away) and so i didnt see it! BLESS.. although when i saw the wrapper, i didnt feel like i should have had some too! which i was so pleased about... ive not had any cravings for chocolate. which is extreemly unusual for me! but im doing good.. i do miss the fact that i can pile the cheese on my pasta.. but im learning that they are alllll the bad things that i was doing that got me to the size i am today! and im going to change! i can not believe the inner transformation im going through... i look at things with different eyes now...
so anyone who says that these tablets dont really do anything except scare you away from eating bad. is not completly true. im one of the people that have learnt how to eat properly now, and i hope that this continues through out the rest of my life!!!!
hey kes, thats a great post. well done on the weight loss so far, hope I get similar results on Fri!!! (week 1 weigh in!)
That meal sounds amazing, where did you get the receipe? I think I'll need to look at more interesting meals, can get boring having grilled chicken/fish with potatoes and veg all the time. Im going to try the pea curry that was in another post here too.
That was sweet of your hubby, its great to have support at home too xxx


gunna be a fatty for ever
wow well done on the loss and resisting temptation!

your fella is a good one! mine eats burgers and pizza in front of me heheheh

would defo be interested in the recipe for your spicey dish!

speak soon love katie

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