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Prevention / Cures for Mouth Ulcers

Hi all, has anyone any suggestions for either trying to prevent these little bu**ers or trying to get rid once they've materialized?

Bonjella & Iglu don't seem to touch them - I've got a potion from hospital that helps numb the mouth a bit, but I'm hoping that someone might know of something less chemical.

I've heard that Vitamin B might help (don't know if a particular one or just the B group) and someone said a GP suggested Marmite to them (this seems to support the Vit B theory but I'm in the 'hate' camp on the brown gloop).

Many thanks in anticipation :wave_cry:
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Alot of people try Bonjela but I never understood that but I dont think it really deals with the problem. For me it only works if you've got a wisdom tooth coming through, etc

Ambesol really does deal with it and should clear them up. Its from the chemists. Hope this helps.



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Have you been checked anaemia? It normally presents a bit differently but can still be a cause Vitamin B12 is a form of anaemia too but needs a blood test to be sure.

Eat Bananas for Potassium my sister swears by it.

the other thing to look at is your tooth brushing technique , if you are a hard brusher try using your left hand instead of your right, buy a softer bristle brush, and have a word with your dentist about seeing a hygienist.
If you smoke...stop! lol
Look at your mouthwash if it's not Alcohol free then you need to switch, as alcohol dries the soft tissues.
If you're a mouth breather your mouth may be dry causing the soft tissues to dry out, you can buy a saliva gel called Biotene Oral balance gel that may help with that.

Also if the ulcer is in the same place and lasts longer than 2 weeks you must, must MUST see your doctor.
If it's short lived ulcers but always in the same place then again chat to your dentist as you may have a jagged tooth. NEVER neglect jagged teeth as it can cause constant irritation that can change the cells.
Shirleen, thanks for such a comprehensive reply. Pretty sure I'm not anaemic - frequent blood tests thru chemo (Feb-Jun) didn't pick it up & I never went neutropenic.
I've always been susceptible to the blighters but no more so than with recent/current treatment (known side effects). I've currently got about 5 of them, mostly on the tongue and none caused by teeth. They tend to last approx 10 days each but seem to be constant as another one or two appear as older ones fade away.
Dentist & doctors know about mine & basically only offer condolences!
I was rinsing with salt water on a very recent holiday (hubby decided to pack the Peroxyl mouth wash in his hand luggage which was quickly confiscated by security at Heathrow :sigh:). Obviously hard to know if the saline helped reduce the number I would have got if I hadn't used it at all!
Like I said, ulcers seem to be 'my thing' but all tips to help cope with the recent increase are greatly appreciated.


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Hi dont know if this helps but ive been the same and could have up to 15 in my mouth at any one time. I find i get them worse if i have been eating oranges or excess 7 up or tomato ketchup. Its to do with the citric aid apparently . It might be just me though but thought i would share it with you. Hope you feel better soon. Ps there is also something called Gentian violet i was given as a child but it doesnt work and leaves your mouth purple in case anyone gives it to you lol


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Oh and the reason I know is that my Mum had Mouth cancer six years ago, her sister died of mouth cancer too.
My mum is one of the 'lucky' 50% who have survived after 5 years. I say 'lucky' she will never eat again and lost so much weight (weighed 5 stone) she lost muscle mass and now cannot walk further than to her kitchen -her flat is tiny tiny tiny, and even then she has to have a rest halfway!
She had a sore in her mouth that she thought was caused by a jagged tooth, when she finally got to see a dentist (this was before the thing where more dentists had to take NHS patients), it was nearly a year on and he took one look and sent her to the hospital the very next day, she had a biopsy adn the results in a week, no-one expected her to survive!


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I use corsodyl (i think thats how its spelt) mouthwash on ulcers. Its kind of like rinsing your mouth with nail varnish remover, but it seems to take the sting out of them. Dont use it straight after brusing tho as it can react with certain toothpastes.

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