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Price for refeed please?

Hi everyone, i am hoping someone can tell me how much they pay for LT during the refeed process?

I went to my pharmacy today and asked how much refeed would be as i am due to start in 3 weeks, for a fortnight.. She told me it is the same price.. Is that true???

If so, i am going to tell her i am doing it for 1 week and get a full weeks worth and make it last for my 2 week refeed..
I am not paying the same price for 21 shakes as i will only need about 7 per week for my refeed...

I pay £36 for my full weeks worth, if that helps....

Thanks everyone x x
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I get charged 1.71 per shake

They should not be charging you 36 unless you have a full week Hun xx


Here we go again!
Hi Su, my pharmacist just divided the £36 by 21 shakes. It costs about £1.70 each. Surely if you just ask for say 10 they will only charge you for 10? Good luck for refeed!


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Funnily enough, I asked the same question today. The refeed products work out cheaper than the main products.

You get 7 shakes, which come to £7 per unit or something, so you're paying £1 a shake.

I forgot the price of the caramel bars but shouldn't cost too much more I don't think.

I got the "menu" kind of thing and will be planning what I'll be doing so will be working out how much of the refeed products I'll need, but works out at £1 a shake. :)
When I did refeed - they said they couldn't sell the shakes in smaller quantaties, so still had to buy 21 shakes
When I did refeed - they said they couldn't sell the shakes in smaller quantaties, so still had to buy 21 shakes
I wonder if that is what my pharmacy is getting at.. They can dream on if they think i am going to do that....
I will double check with them next week and take it from there.. Excuse my stupidity, but the shakes you use on refeed are the same as the TFR ones aren't they?
How many do you need per week if you follow the refeed sheet?
I am due to start refeed for 2 weeks from 6 December until 20 December, so if i have to i will tell them i am going to start 13th, and use the week supply from 6 Dec to see me through.. I hope that makes sense...
If they try and make me pay £36 though i will create a scene!!! lol


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No, they shouldnt charge you £36 for less than 21 shakes.
For 2 weeks refeed you will need 15 shakes which comes to roughly £26 :) If they wont sell less than 21shakes then you have a few extras to be able to do a couple more days of refeed if you like.
My pharmacy will not sell me less than a weeks worth of shakes ( 14 for men ) for £48 :mad: I think the price is a ripoff :mad: And selling a part week for refeed is even worse :mad:
Can I suggest a switch to Exante to finish off.......much more palatable and more like 'real' food, also substantially cheaper...
I agree the Exante bars taste ok
lol Sandra what a great imagination you have :)
Having read you posts for a few weeks now ... not just when you were a kid :)

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