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Price increase


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Mine didn't say anything when I went last night. x


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It was not mentioned to me either, and to be honest if it is true it's the end for me and CD. I think it is overpriced as it is.


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I was told last night it's going up from 1st July. Something to do with increase in price of skimmed milk and some other ingredient. I think shakes/soups will be £1.85 and tetras/bars £2.05. I pay £1.65 for shakes now and £1.85 for tetras.


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I never knew this ?!? That's a really shame, I may have to look at other options :0(


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My CDC was really apologetic, but she's got to put her prices up as well from 1st July. Tetra's are going up from £1.95 to £2.05 and packs are going up to £1.95 I think.


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well my cdc has already upped her prices. shes putting an extra 10p on each item as shes having to pay more to cambridge to get the products. she told me its because the price of the milk powder and cocoa thats used in products has gone up
Cambridge have an annual price rise and this is usual from 1st July. All Consultants have been sent a letter with the details.

The Consultants have to pay more for each product and therefore the price to the customer will increase slightly.

As always it is a small increase.

As Consultants can charge different amounts for the packs its best to check with your Consultant what he/she is going to charge.


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well mine told me last night too - its an extra 10p per pack so I guess its not too different.

We will have to make doubly sure we dont cheat and get good value for money ...no sence in wasting our hard earned £££ by not following the plan!


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I didn't hear anything about a price increase, but if my cdc told me tomorrow that it would go up, I wouldn't mind. This diet works for me and it's worth all the money.


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I agree with Cartwoman, i'm happy to pay a small increase because i know this works for me. If it wasn't for CD i'd still be 20st and probably rising and still depressed! although CD has seemed to significantly up my spending on clothes! lol!

My CD put her prices up a couple of weeks ago - shakes/soups went from £1.75 to £1.85 and bars/tetras stayed the same at £2 each. I can cope with that!


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I've been this morning and nothing was said, my CDC charged me £41:09 for 7 bars and 14 tetra - this seems pretty standard to what I've paid over last 4 weeks, and it's cheaper than LL which I've done before, though a little more that LT but waaaaaayyyy better (IMO) as lots of flavours and choices.
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My CDC didn`t mention anything to me when I had my WI on Weds?

She actually looked prices up too as I asked how much mix a mousse was.

I currently pay £1.70 for shakes & soup, And £1.95 for tetras and bars

Maybe it's time to bulk buy before July then, I know i'll stick to it, no point moaning about, after all we must all have been spending much more on the crap food that put us over weight in the first place lol!!! Have you seen the price of a chocolate bar.... pure rip of lol!!! and the price of takeaways that i bet most of us were eating before SS, so we will just have to carryon and not let this be an excuse to quit.. after all i'm sure we are all worth that bit extra money it will cost x x


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Mine didnt tell me about it but I noticed a note on the table just as I as leaving. She was reading the letter out to me.

I'd like to stick with this diet, I know it works so the extra £4 odd is worth it to me, I'd spend more on food!

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