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Price increase!!


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
I meant to post earlier but forgot. I sit with a woman who helps out at a meeting and she was informed by her leader that at the end of the month the weekly fee is going up by 50p! £6 is a lot to pay for someone to tell me I'm fat so I reckon ill be doing it from home soon!!
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Omg really? I still thought it was £4.95?! I'm starting it from home on monday with my old books, but was thinking I would like to go to classes, but at that cost theres no chance!! xx


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Yeah but it doesn't fit around my weekly budget which iswhy I don't bother, monthly pass will be going up as well
i'm paying €10 a week!!!
I could not afford the monthly pass price for each meeting let alone an increase to £6! I am going it alone at the moment anyway but will certainly not be going to meetings in the future at this price!

Sharkbait1983 x


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I just got back from my meeting. Nobody mentioned a price increase but they were pushing monthly pass. i had a free meeting voucher today so didn't pay anything, i think i will get monthly pass next week.

if it does go up, 50p a week is a lot, no good at maths but it's a high percentage increase..
our meeting had had on sale lots of stationary, scales, pedometer, calculators ect so im guessing they r due another re-vamp of the products which always leads to an increase...but it is getting rather expensive now and monthly pass will soon be equivilent of a weekly fee that i was paying b4 monthly pass 2 yrs ago.......Come on WW help us lose weight, dont price yourself out of the journey!!! x
I think theres a very real risk theyre going to shoot themselves in the foot. WW is one of the very few Slimming clubs you can totally do on your own. Once you have the calculator and a general know how thats all you need. Even SW manages to hook people to classses with the fact the only real Syn calculator is the one on the website - astute business move.

I suppose WW will get a flurry of members rejoining when the changes are implemented but how long theyll stay remains to be seen.

I have to say I found the monthly pass good value - worked out at £4.50 a week and you get access to escource etc but I was fortunate I could stick it on my credit card and pay it when I got paid
If my google conversation is right, thats over £8 a week?! Why on earth is it that expensive?! where do you live?xx
i'm in Co.Tipperary in Ireland,i think i'm going to query the price!!!
According to my leader the new programme won't be launched until November, so I would be very surprised if they increased the price before then. Or even this side of the new year, so they could hook some new post Christmas members first. That's what I would do if I was them anyway.

I will watch the price of monthly pass with interest - it is my one monthly luxury just for me on a tight budget so if it goes up by a ridiculous amount, I won't be continuing with it.


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
I was told they would be increasing the price at the end of the month but its all "hush hush" because they dont want people to react badly.

I spoke to OH and when it goes up i wont be going to class, ill just get someone to buy the tracker book for me because its all you really need once you have the starter pack!


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
I did that, i gained 6lb because i couldnt do it :giggle:

I love the tracker, its what i cant live without. I dont see the need for anything else but a tracker!


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I live in Co. Cavan in Ireland and pay 10 Euro too. I think it's a flippin' joke to be honest. I feel like if I stop going people might think I have stopped following the diet and think I'm a quitter though!

I went a few times when I lived in England and the class was so much better. For a good bit less money, there was loads more info, lots of handy stuff available to buy..it was just a much better experience overall.

Having thought about it, I'm not exactly sure what I'm paying 10 euro for! I was badly wanting a shopping guide but my WW woman said I'd have more chance of getting one in England when I go to visit my mother cos over here, they barely have anything!

Also, the Irish WW website is crap...
Yeah I agree GailyT - €10 is a rip off. I am seriously considering weighing in myself at home on my Wii. But like you I feel that people will think that I have quit.
I have an underactive thyroid and the leader told me that I would have a hard time trying to lose the excess weight. So much for her support. She is not the best leader to be honest. :( All she does is talk about herself and her weight loss journey. :mad:
Hi, I'm new to this site, just wanted to say that I got my monthly pass for next month through with a leaflet advising of the price increase from 29th August to £19.99!

All the more incentive to get to goal that bit more quickly!


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Im not gonna get to goal in 1 week :giggle: Good job im collecting the books to do it from home!!
Hi, I'm new to this site, just wanted to say that I got my monthly pass for next month through with a leaflet advising of the price increase from 29th August to £19.99!

All the more incentive to get to goal that bit more quickly!
Eek! That's quite a hike.

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