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prickly heat/heat rash

Afternoon everyone! Does anyone else suffer with heatrash/prickly heat? I have suffered ever since i can remember and i hate it, my shoulders, arms, legs and chest get covered and its so itchy! The only time i didnt suffer to badly was last summer when i was pregnant! Ive already come up in it today and on holiday its awful. I already take anti-histamine for hayfever..any other suggestions?

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Hi honey, high dose vitamin C tablets, 1000mg would be best, one a day, as the body cannot store it. It really helps with prickly heat and I used to use it all the time on holiday x x


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Eurax lotion is great for prickly heat. You can buy it in any pharmacy. It helps numb the nerve endings so stops the itch.


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my friend was talking to me about this yest actually! she is just back from hol and a lady came round the pool and was giving advice on suncreams depending on your skin type.

my friend gets prickly heat and also had skin cancer so always uses factor 50. the lady said this would partly be causing the prickly heat as there is wax in the higher factors which sits on top of the skin. she advised her to use a lower factor (obviously not stupidly low!) as it wouldnt contain as much if any wax

dunno if she had a screw loose or if its true though lol!


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I always used to get it until I started using factor 20 + lotions. If I use them from the start of the season I don't get it , but if I get caught out in strong sun once then I have it for the rest of the season. They do reckon that anything over 30 doesn't give any more protection unless you use a total sunblock.


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I too get prickly heat and living in Spain it could be a real nusiance. I have only had it since having chemo.

What works for me, and I promise you mine was really, really bad, is fresh, natural aloa vera. You need to invest in a plant and when your rash appears cut a piece from a leave, peel one side and rub the fleshy part on the rash, The relief from the itching is instant. The bonus is that after using it for a week, I now no longer have the severe problem I had, I can go out sleeveless etc. and if I feel a rash appearing I cut a slice of my plant and it goes.

Good luck,

Sue xx
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I used to get really bad prickly heat rash - or at least I thought I did until I went to the doctors and found out I actually have (get this, girls!) polymorphic light eruption! Or, to put it another way, prickly heat rash.

I take quite strong anti-histamines, use sun factor 30 and, if the sun is very strong, wear clothes that cover the top part of my chest (where my rash is often the worse). It's the body releasing histamines in response to the sun's rays that causes the problem - once you have the rash you should try to keep it covered as sunlight, even if it's coming through a window, just makes it worse. The good news is that as your body gets used to the sunlight it reacts less so the rash should go. Hmmm, my body seems to get used to sunlight about October time - ready for winter!:8855::8855::8855:

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