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PrincessMama's Slimming World Journey

Thursday 21.07.11

Current Weight: 13.10...depressing

Goal Weight: 11.0

Dream Goal Weight: 9.0

My Food Diary:

Extra Easy

Breakfast: banana, fat free activia peach yoghurt

Mid Morning Snack: marmite on 1 crispbread (1)

Lunch: white bread (400g) (HeB), 1 tsp flora Light (2), Lean ham, lettuce, tomato, cucumber

mango snackpot, tea, semi skimmed milk (HeA), 1 cube sugar (2)

Dinner: jacket potato, tuna, sweetcorn, 2 tbsp light mayo (2), salad, flora light (2), tomato, cucumber, tomato, balsamic dressing

tea, sugar (2), semi skimmed milk (HeA), jammie dodger original (4)

Syns Total: 15

Drinks: water, diet coke
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Friday 22.07.11

Extra Easy

I did a big shop in Tesco this morning and have stocked up on my SW faves, and i'm going to try some new recipes from the mags. Feeling inspired today.

Breakfast: fat free activia raspberry yoghurt

Lunch: coronation chicken pasta salad from the latest SW mag, omg it was yummy! (2) Here's a picture:


My dad came round to see me and my son and brought a pan au chocolat for me, a massive one - so i had half and have counted it as 14 syns eeek, tea, sugar (2) and semi skimmed milk from HeA allowance

Dinner: salmon, stir fry, rice noodles, 1 tbsp olive oil (HeB)

fruit seletion pot and fat free yoghurt activia raspberry

Drinks: water and diet coke

Total Syns: 18 syns eeek slightly over, must compensate tomorrow
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Saturday 23.07.11

Extra Easy

Breakfast: options mint hot chocolate (2), dash of semi skimmed milk, pancake (1 tbsp plain flour, pinch salt, 1 egg, semi skimmed milk (HeA) came to 3.5 syns) 1 tbsp maple syrup (2), coffee, semi skimmed milk from allowance, 1 sugar cube (2) total syns so far: 9.5

Lunch: new potato salad, lean ham, beetroot, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, cottage cheese fat free, apple, mango, watermelon, small square of chocolate (2 syns?)

Snack: tea, semi skimmed milk, fibre plus (HeB), banana

Dinner: spicy chicken thighs, salad, corn on the cob...so dinner was a disaster, just went wrong so ended up not having this and made a SW friendly rice pudding with vanilla mullerlight, sweetner and cinnamon, could really eat a sandwhich hmmph

After a disastrous meal I didn't eat and wasn't keen on the rice pudding I had a sandwhich, prob put me back around 9 syns :(

Total Syns: Way too many, not happy :(

Drinks: diet coke, water
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Sunday 24.07.11

Feel a bit down today, what with the depressing news about Norway and the loss of Amy Winehouse.

Extra Easy

On a SW note I want to cook a lasange tonight and looking for inspirational recipes. I remember ages ago watching a Jamie Oliver program and he used cottage cheese to replace the white sauce. Anyone tried that?

Back to my diary:

Breakfast: 2 x 400g brown bread (HeB), lean bacon, egg, 1 tbsp ketchup (1)

Lunch: smoked mackeral (2) pasta with fat free Greek yoghurt, salt and pepper, light philidelphia garlic and herb cheese (2) I really enjoyed this, a fruit bowl of grapes, strawberrys, melon and peaches

Dinner: SW friendly Lasange, 1 tsp tomato purée (1/2), salad, cheese low fat 42g (HeA)

Drinks water, diet coke

Total Syns: 5.5
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Monday 25.07.11


I had a really bad day today, everything went out the window. When I get depressed I eat and I eat badly. I need to get back on track tomorrow. Everything seemed to fall to peices today, I really hope I'm in a better state of mind tomorrow as have so many events coming up and really would like to lose a stone by September. I really need some encouragement and more will power :(


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Hi Princess Mama

Thought I would pop in and see what your food diary is like.

Like the sound the Chicken Pasta I saw that in the Mag - Have to give that a go now.

I'll google JO receipes and see what I can find on the lasagne front as that sounds ideal. I know once SW did a receipe for lasagne using Quark and Quorn and it was lush - but Damn if I can find it now.

Good luch today onwards and downwards...

Thanks for the reply, let me know how you liked the chicken pasta salad. I made a lasagna but made sauce with cottage cheese and egg which was not great. I've been so busy over the last few weeks, annoyed I haven't kept logging in. I'm thinking of joining SW online as can't make it to the meetings ( as much as I'd love to as this always helps). Anyone got any experience of SW online?


Breakfast: 2x400g brown toast (heb), 1 tsp flora light (2), 1 tsp butter, 2 tbsp nutella, 1 tbsp peanut butter, tea, dash milk (2), sugar cube (2)... Bad start I know, need to get into swing of things

Snacks: 2 mini reeces peanut butter cupcakes (Present from USA), nectarine, ham

Lunch: mug shot thai noodles (free)

Drinks: water, diet coke

Oh god not a great start, bring on tomorrow
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Tried a coconut mullerlight with dark chocolate sprinkles and it was yummy, as they're free, will be buying more of these babies!
Hi, I tried a coconut muller tonight for first time- really enjoyed it :) they used to do apple pie ones a few years ago, really wish they would make a comeback as I loved them!
Apple pie sounds yummy! I was suprised I liked the coconut 'cause normally not keen on the dark chocolate sprinkle ones x
Red Day

Monday 22.08.11

Breakfast: Steak and fried egg in 1 tbsp olive oil (heb) mmm this was yummy

Tea, splenda, semi skimmed milk (hea)

Lunch: ham, flora light (2), brown bread (heb)

Tea, 1 tsp sugar (2), semi skimmed milk , diet coke

Snacks: watermelon, strawberries, grapes, nectarine, diet coke, water

Dinner: chicken breasts, red peppers, melted low fat cheese 42g (hea), salad, balsamic vinegar, cucumber, tomato, basil, salt and pepper, beetroot

Activia raspberry snackpot, fresh raspberries

Tea, semi skimmed milk, 1 tsp sugar (2), fibre plus milk chocolate bar (6)

Total syns: 12
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Tuesday 23.08.11

Extra Easy

Breakfast: 2 x weetabix (heb), semi skimmed milk (hea), chopped banana, mullerlight fat free strawberry yoghurt, water

Tea, semi skimmed milk, 1 tsp sugar (2), 1 Oreo (2.5)

Lunch: Jacket potato, light mayo 2 tbsp (2), canned tuna, spring onion, melon, coconut with dark chocolate sprinkles mullerlight fat free

Dinner: Salad mixed bowl, smoked salmon, beetroot, balsamic vinegar

4 mini reeces cupcake chocolates 2 syns each (8), tea, 1 tsp sugar (2), semi skimmed milk

Total syns: 16.5...really nervous about tomorrow, might be having a glass of wine also eek
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Thursday 25.08.11

Went out for dinner last night and had steak, was so yummy and worth the flexi day! Also went cinema and saw inbetweeners, so funny!

Breakfast: Swiss hot chocolate with marshmallows made with water (6) eek prob should have given this a miss but was craving chocolate, nectarine

Lunch: grilled sandwhich, 400g brown bread (heb), lighter cheese (42g hea), grated apple, 1 tsp flora light (2), marmite, diet coke, tea, 1 tsp sugar (2), dash of semi skimmed milk (1)
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Completely binged last night, I always seem to do this when I'm under the weather. I really need to go back to class or join online cause otherwise I find it so hard to stay on track. Here's to a new day anyway:

Friday 26.08.11

Extra Easy

Breakfast: 2x400g brown bread (heb), 1 tbsp nutella (4), tea, dash semi skimmed milk (1), 1 tsp sugar (2)
Sunday 18.09.11

Breakfast: Coffee, 1 tsp sugar (2), dash semi skimmed milk milk (hea), nectarine

Snack: earl grey tea, dash semi skimmed milk (hea), 1 tsp sugar (2)

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I have not logged on here for a while, I've been logging into mfp, i'm still 13.10 so had no major loss. I hope all you lovely ladies and gents are good. I obviously need to work a lot harder!!! I lost a stone on sw last year in time for Xmas and really would like to do the same this year.

B: fat free mullerlight raspberry & cranberry
Extra Easy

Breakfast: Shape yoghurt

Lunch: Apple, SW coconut cream and strawberries dessert from magazine (4)

Dinner: Turkey and Thyme hotpot, potatoes, carrots, green beans, SW coconut creak and strawberries (4)
Back again! I have lost 5 pounds since xmas. I've been using MFP whilst i've been away. Since i have a laptop now and i'm going on holiday in September, i thought it would be a good idea to carry on logging my SW journey here.

Yesterday (Monday 30th)


B: 2 X 400g bread (HeB), Cheese 42g (HeA), marmite

L: Salmon fillet, Ainsley Moroccan cous cous (1), Mixed veg

D: Chicken stir fry, egg noodles, express long grain rice (1)

Snacks: Tea, dash milk (1), half kit kat chunky peanut butter (7) sugar (1)

Total Syns: 11
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Back again! I have lost 5 pounds since xmas. I've been using MFP whilst i've been away. Since i have a laptop now and i'm going on holiday in September, i thought it would be a good idea to carry on logging my SW journey here.

Yesterday (Monday 30th)


B: 2 X 400g bread (HeB), Cheese 42g (HeA), marmite

L: Salmon fillet, Ainsley Moroccan cous cous (1), Mixed veg

D: Chicken stir fry, egg noodles, express long grain rice (1)

Snacks: Tea, dash milk (1), half kit kat chunky peanut butter??, sugar (1)
Hi hun, just been reading through your food diary - your name caught my eye as we have similar usernames :)

I just thought I'd warn you, be careful with your Syns. A regular Kit Kat Chunky is 13 Syns, and I'd imagine a Peanut Butter variety would be a lot higher - I'd guess at about 20? I know you only had half, but I wouldn't want you under-Synning.

Apart from that it looks like you're getting on well. Good luck xx
Tuesday 31.01.12


B: HI FI Bar (6)

L: 2 X 400g bread (HeB), Ham, cheese 28g (HeA), 1 tsp mayo (1), milky coffee (HeA), Sugar (1), tomato

Snacks: Tea, milk (1), sugar (1), jammie dodger (4)

Dinner: Potato wedges (HeB), quorn chilli with peppers, fat free natural yoghurt, strawberries

Snacks: fat free mullerlight passionfruit, blueberries and raspberries

Total Syns: 14
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