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Bad Jar

Every ounce is bounce
Hi, this for everyone low carbing but I've put it on the Atkins bit as it's more popular.

A few of us were chatting about low carb products in another thread and British Claire made the excellent suggestion of starting a new thread.

So, if there are any low carb products you have tried and would like to let us know your opinion, be it 'buy this now' or 'don't touch it with a bargepole' please comment!
Photos would be extra handy, and where you bought it. I know a few of us shop at the lowcarbmegastore so anything you love or loathe, bring it on!

Thanks in advance,

Jar (Vic)
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Bad Jar

Every ounce is bounce
Hi, Lady Marmalade did a similar thing a few weeks a go and I didn't realise, called shopping tips, in the Atkins forum, so you should be able to find stuff in there too. At the moment it's on page 5, last post was about 24th June. X
I've bumped the original thread up, so it's near the top now.

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Nowt wrong with having a new thread, though - the more the merrier!

I keep some Sula Natura sugar free sweeties around the house and at work in case I have a sugar craving or for an occasional 'reward', the Caramel Cream ones to be specific although they do fruit flavours as well. You can get them in Holland & Barratt and they're so delicious you wouldn't know they were sugar free! 2.7g carb per sweetie which is made up 100% of polyols, so 0g 'net' carbs per sweet technically. But beware as ever the laxative effect of polyols, I only ever have one at a time but even that can give me a little windypops.
Ooo, thanks for that LM, i may pop into Holland and Barrett today and see if they have any although ours is only a little shop. I occasionally get the odd sweet craving so hopefully one of those will be enough to curb it.. :)
The breadsticks are dreadful, the cheese 'popcorn' thingies are lush if a bit salty but the sugar free sweets......beware!!!!! Wind, upset tummy the lot xxxx
Hmm, that's interesting laura, where'd ya find that out? I've never suffered from it when eating atkins bars n also i got some lemon sugar free sweets from holland n barrett yesterday n had two, they also didn't make me parp!
I love the extra special 100% beef homestyle quarter pounders from asda, there on special pack of 4 for £2
they are 99.2% beef, salt and natural spice extract
they are about 0.8g per burger if I have worked it out correct lol
100g (grilled) is 0.6g carbs, of which is sugars 0.2g, 280cals, protein 31.5g, fat 16.8g of which is saturates 8.1g, fibre 0.8g, sodium 0.22g, equivanlent as salt 0.6g
454g per pack

ps great posts.x

Bad Jar

Every ounce is bounce
Well, my box 'o' goodies has arrived from the lowcarb megastore. Hadn't realised I'd ordered so much!

Just tried the Cavalier pralinut milk bar. It's a nice hefty bar and you can't taste the difference from normal chocolate. I can see why Jim calls it devil's food - It's going to be hard to stop at one! It's really rich and the chunks of chocolate are really big so you can eat it slowly a bit at a time - don't ask me how I managed to restrain myself! There's a section on the label for carb conscious dieters: Total carbs 17g - polyols 13g = 4g net carbs per bar.

I'll let you know how I get on with the other stuff, but I'm planning to have something every other day or so, so the reviews will be few and far between.
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Any chance of some piccies Jar? Sounds lush, i'm tempted to order some as i'm missing choc every now n then. The sweets i got from holland n barrett were expensive in my opinion - £1.69 for about 14 hard boiled lemon sweets. Taste nice but not cheap.

Bad Jar

Every ounce is bounce
I've had to put a pic in my sig as I don't have a photo share site. these ones were on special offer - still 75p for a choc bar but also got sugar free oreos. 2 biscuits are 16g carbs of which 3g fibre, and polyols 7g. No sugar.

Bad Jar

Every ounce is bounce
I joined photobucket and tried that! but I couldn't get it to work. Will have to keep practising. Thanks though, I can delete it from my sig now!
Just thought I'd drop a quitck review of some megastore items I recently bought:

FRESH BAKED BREAD - Sliced Despatch Mon | Low Carb Megastore

Bread. Not too bad as toast very much like Nimble when toasted in so far as there is not much substance to it. But good for that bread fix, if you need it.

Tortilla Wraps - Original | Low Carb Megastore

Tortilla wraps: These arrived all stuck together and were difficult to separate without ripping each one. However I managed it with only a couple of casualties. I had one today with cajun spiced chicken pieces, mayo, lettuce and red peppers. It was delish!

WF Salad Dressings - Bleu Cheese | Low Carb Megastore

Bleu cheese dressing: This has a slightly runny consistency compared to regular dressings, but has a really nice flavour. Ideal to spruce up a salad.

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
My new poach pods from Lakeland (LAKELAND!!!) are a marvel. So easy to use, perfect round domed eggies (they actually look a bit rude), *genuinely* non-stick, dead easy to clean, no need to wash the pan out. Magic. Poach Pods - Lakeland, the home of creative kitchenware

There was some discussion on here recently about low/no carb noodles and I can't remember which thread it was in. I went into one of my local Chinese supermarkets at the weekend and they had a HUGE range of noodles but I couldn't find any that appeared to be low carb and couldn't remember the details so I couldn't even ask for help! Can anyone help me out with some details, ideally brand names and piccies would be great if you can find any on the net!

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