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Project Wedding Dress: Lucy's Diary


Hey everyone!
Just back from London and vowed to ensure i did a proper diary from now on to keep me in check!

Started SW on the 10th of Jan weighing 19st 6 :( and now down to 18st 7 so nearly a stone in a month which is exciting!

I do red and green days as i tend not to lose much on EE, so here we go!

Today is:


Breakfast: Alpen Cereal Bar (1/2 hex B)

Lunch: Chilli chicken low fat supernoodles (free) and 2 hot dogs (6 syns) and cereal bar (1/2 hex b)

Dinner: Sweet potato mash and chilli beef with free veggies and mozzarella (hex a)

Snacks: frozen fruit, pears, haribo bag (2 syns)

syns: haribo (2 syns) and 2 hot dogs in brine (6 syns)

total: 8 syns and 7 syns saved

Been a long day! Super tired but we are selling our flat and have a viewer tonight so in super tidy mode but am really hungry. Not gonna be able to eat until after the fella has been! :D

:D Lucy :D

Day 1 : 100%:p
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Hmmm other half is out tonight at the football so aim is not to stuff myself on yummy food lol anyway my day

Green day

Breakfast: Yog and alpen bar (hex B)
Lunch: Baked potato with salad and cheese triangle
Dinner: syn free curry with beef and rice(hexb) and alpen bar (hex B)
snacks: bannana, haribo (2.5syns) and gin/tonic (5syns)

total: 7.5 syns and 7.5syns saved for tomorrow:eat:

feeling a bit deflated today :( Not sure why. First day back at school and v tired but hey ho.. needs must!


Back to the diary for me i think, if only to keep myself in check!! :D If anyone could double check this for me too that would be grand!


Green day :D

Breakfast: 3 satsumas and 2 shape zero yogs
Lunch: Baked potato with tuna (hexB), Cheese (Hex Ax2) and salad
Some frozen bannana too (addicted to frozen fruit at the mo!)
Snack: bananna and coke
Dinner: Chinese Chicken curry (hexa and 3 syns) with rice and lots of veggies
Other snacks: frozen fruit (half a bag- 0 syns) 2 packets of haribo (5syns).. hot choc maybe??

Syns total: 8
Really trying to do well this week even if i feel a bit pfft at the moment. School is driving me crazy and we are in the middle of buying a house so all is a bit manic at the moment.:cry:

Had a NSV yest.. when feeling down i'd normally have a glass of wine but instead had tesco zero alcohol cider and it was really nice tbh! woop!

Lent 0- Lucy -1 ( 1 week and counting alcohol free!!) :)


Full Member
Lucy it looks good - on a whole you seems to be eating good amounts - if you wanna speed up always try superspeed fruit and veggie - i love grapefuit in the morning or berries (raspberries blackberries r super foods)
Congrats on your up and coming wedding



Thanks Hun!

Completely addicted to fruit at the mo- really think the free food is the key tbh

Dinner was super nice ( added a piccy )

Is it okay not to have all my syns? Xx


Hi Lucy!

congrates on your weight loss so far and wedding. Im in the same boat as you, getting married next year - 25/08/12 and want to shift at least 5/6 stone before hand, would like to lose 7st ideally. Good luck with it and if u fancy buddying up let me know!


Hi vitzy!
I'm getting married on the 27/07 next year. I have a fair bit to lose too... want that size 12 wedding dress god dammit lol

A buddy would be brill if ur up for it... although I do rant a bit sometimes lol

Hi vitzy!
I'm getting married on the 27/07 next year. I have a fair bit to lose too... want that size 12 wedding dress god dammit lol

A buddy would be brill if ur up for it... although I do rant a bit sometimes lol


same here Lucy i have seen a dress i like but i think the biggest size they do is size 14! so long way to go. Not dared to go dress shoping yet, only browsing online. when do u plan to go? im thinking i could push it till march 2012 but not sure if thats cutting it short!

your food diary looks good!


Right after my 1LB loss today i think its time to move things on a bit so having a few red days.

Breakfast- frozen fruit and shape zero yog.
Lunch- steak and salad i think...mmmm
Dinner- Vension with mini roasties (hex B x 2)

hexa- mozarella cheese and milk

syns- not a scooby as yet but will let you know! always find syns harder on a red day!


Red day again today!

Breakfast- banana and natural yog
Lunch- tuna, salad and baked pot (hexB)
Dinner- chilli with loads of veg and Iceberg lettuce nacho leaves. With rice - 28g x 2 = 5 syns and hexA x 2 cheese

Put the chilli in the crisp iceberg lettuce leaves, cheese on and then grilled.. Was lush!!!

Other syns : m and m's - 4
No alcohol wine- 3
Total syns : 12

Plus loads of water and juice

Had a fab day.. Loving red and feeling much more positive seeing how much rice I could have with the meat!
Does my diary look okay for a red day?!

Lucy xx


Well another red day...

Brekki: 2 bananas and 2 shape zero yogs
Lunch: baked pot(hexb) and tuna with salad, muller light yog and melon

Snack: 2 chicken kebabs (free) and 5 minstrels(3 syns maybe)

Dinner: left over cottage pie( loads of mince and chopped tomatoes) from last night (hexb) potato. Hexa cheese and hexa milk oh and 2 chicken breasts- was super hungry

Syns: 5 syns choc from minstrels
2 czech low alcohol beers ( 2syns)

Half a bag of frozen fruit- free

7 syns saved for the weekend.

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