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Project Welshie - fighting fit for 2014


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So hello everyone! This is my weight loss diary, yada yada. Now I have this awful habit of writing like I speak so just imagine this in a really angry Welsh voice and you are bang on.

Subscribe, have a nose, this is to chart my progress, vent, talk about food etc.

A little about me if you really care ;) I'm a student, 23 and been fat all my life. Upbringing has something to do with it but sadly it's only so long you can blame family for being a chunky bugger. I remember watching a programme when I was 16 about a girl who had just lost loads of weight at the age of 18 and I was like that will NEVER be me. Lo and behold, 23 and still fat. Every year I always say this year I will lose weight, next Christmas I won't look like this but this year I actually took my first step and went to a Slimming World meeting.

2012 was a bit of a crap year for me, in fact since 2010 hasn't been great. I was in an awful relationship and eventually put a stop to that March 2012, which was obviously great but my health took a massive nose dive. In Sept 2012 things got worse and eventually I ended up going to counselling, which probably was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was taking massive liberties with my life and stuck in an awful spiral. My counsellor faced my weight head on, at first I was really angry and thought 'Oh he thinks I'm like this because I'm fat' but it really stuck with me. I do have confidence to do things, go out etc I have been like that since about 15 but the weight has held me back. So here I am :)

I joined my local SW on 09/01, and to my delight I had actually lost around 21lb since last year. Clearly getting rid of the ex worked and that was very good news!

My weight loss as follows:

16/01 -6lb
23/01 -2lb

A few things I hate about being fat; might update when feeling like a binge:

It impacts my health, currently have a foot problem as a direct result
Can't wear normal clothes
Worrying about fitting into seats of any kind
Nasty comments
Can't exercise as much (I LOVE exercise but just can't cope with it)
That look on people's faces when you are eating something bad as a fat person

Things I'd like to do:

Be able to buy something from ANY shop
Look good for my graduation (Dec 2013)
Go to a theme park and fit easily
Buy a designer dress ;)
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Good luck on your journey!

As a fellow welshie I can truely imagine your words in the accent lol x


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So today!

Today was crap, basically I'm waiting to have my tonsils out because they are massive and cause me loads of problems :( this also means sleeping in late and missing breakfast sigh.

Today I missed all of uni and just about made it to work for a meeting, go me. I wish it was easier to get out of bed, but I'm so tired constantly I can sleep 18 hours.

Syns: 20.5 awful.
Mood: raring to go.

My goal for this week's WI is 3lb so it's back to Zumba for me on Sunday, but before that I have so much uni work to do it makes me want to cry :(


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Good luck on your journey!

As a fellow welshie I can truely imagine your words in the accent lol x

Haha thanks! I think it adds comedy value :D