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Hi All
Just to say really, i brought a pedometer at my last meeting and so far in 2 day earn 12 more points(to add to my 49pp)..............:D
I really don't feel like i did that much to earn these points either, just by walking the half hour to my work and back again something i do everyday.
I also find myself wanting to walk abit more just to see just how many i can earn, Well worth the money in my eyes ;)
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Hi - are you able to answer a question for me about the pedometer please?

In the description for it, it says:

The “Plus” is the unique Active Mode which tracks activity ProPoints values earned from activities such as running, cycling or aerobics.

Does that mean that say if you were doing aerobics for an hour, you would switch to activity mode and it would calculate the points for you, or does it just mean you put the points in manually and it tracks them for you?


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The recommendation is that we all should attempt to walk throughout the day 10,000 steps which works out about five miles.


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S: 12st12lb C: 12st10lb BMI: 34.8 Loss: 0st2lb(1.11%)
how many steps do you need to take to get to the healthy point?

It will depend on your weight. You have to do so many steps first to even start earning points and that is about 6000 for me. Then to earn a point I have to do about 1600 steps.

I nomally get into earning and then earn a point if I walk to the station to and from work which takes about 12 minutes each way and if I walk for about ten minutes at lunch time and then there's just general milling about which builds up surprisingly quickly - for example it's 100 steps for me to get from my desk to the loo!

I pause it while I am sitting at my desk because it reset itself once when I must have lent on it (I wear it round my neck on a lanyard).