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ProPoints Propoints- To much food??

Hello all, I'm a newbie

I started WW last night and although the pp seems great I feel like I'm eating loads of food and not reaching my points-30 per day!!
I have planned my daily food and I have started added crisps and cakes to bulk it up.

I'm also finding meat seems to be really high??

I have done SW before and always stuck to red days.

I'm really worried I'm going to put on or am I just stuck in my SW ways??

All this 'bad' food seems to good to be true :-s
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I feel the same, but I eat all my 29 points everyday and have lost for the last 2 weeks. Think you need to eat all your 30 pp per day. But there's lots of experience on here so maybe someone else will advise.

I've only ate half of the 49 weeklies the last 2 weeks, but this week had them all, so will put the plan to the test.

I thought the pp for meat was lower than carbs on ww, but may be because your used to meat being a free food.

Good luck this week. Let us know how you get on.
hi i've been on pp for 3 weeks and felt exactly the same as you, except i'm a carb monster and i think carbs are high on pp. i also done sw and it's strange trying to break sw habits for me it's with carbs.

i'm using my 30 points daily and dip into the 49 extra points every week (alcohol mostly) and i'am loosing 2.5lb a week for the last 3 weeks.

good luck at your weigh in
Thanks for your replies.

I have done my 30pp today but I feel like I have been naughty- a small tesco wippy bar and a WW almond cake :) very much enjoyed though!!

I tend to stay away from carbs and stick to meat and veg/salad.
I'm thinking maybe I never ate enough hence why I couldn't loose any weight. Maybe pp could work.

Il let you know how weigh in goes

Welcome :), I'm an ex SW too....great plan but I like the portion control of WW, a must for me.

I dont usually have any probs using my daily allowance unless I'm under the weather. Have a look at others diaries to get an idea what there having.

Maybe pick a non diet yogurt etc to make up points?
Something thats healthy but more higher points ( but worth it if you like it )

Wishing you loads of luck


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Hi Leah, I am new here and new to WW PP ... started on Monday and am a bit wary about my upcoming WI!! I am on 30pp a day and find I use them on sweet stuff and have already used up most of my additional weekly points on booze. Must plan better for next week!

Hope that you are having a good week!
Hi Lynn.
I'm not a big drinker but love a takeaway!!!
Yesterday I struggled to reach my points!! I will go over as I'm off to pizza hut later :)
I'm dreading WI as iv been what I would class as really naughty but iv stuck easily within my points!!
I have an addiction to weighing myself. When I started WW I took the batteries out and was determind not to weigh my self.
I did, 2lb off although I can put 5lb on between morning and night so still can't judge how WI will go.
What day is yours


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Hi Leah, I have my first WI on Monday night so kind of dreading it ... I have kept within my allowance so far (but deeply dipping into my weekly points within 48 hours ... was a bit of a wake-up call to my lifestyle!) ... should be interesting to see if I have lost - I am like yu where I think it is a bit weird to be 'naughty' but still keeping within your points.

I am planning a low-key weekend so hopefully I won't cause too much carnage and also plan my weekly shopping/meals better.

Enjoy Pizza Hut ... yum! And well done on the 2lbs lost!! xx
Well done Leah that's great.

Good luck for monday Lynn.

I love the portion control too Loopeylou and lost sometimes on SW but I need boundaries.

I use most all of my 49 pp between friday, saturday and sunday on wine and crisps. This is my 3rd week on WW and first time I used all my 49 by monday. The first 2 weeks, I only used about 27. I still had a 2lb loss this week. Amazing for me to lose weight 3 weeks in a row. I love ww.

Here's to another good week for all of us.

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