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protein shakes


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Hello all

I find shakes the easiest thing to have on Uni mornings, because food can make my tummy grumbly during lectures. I'm just trying to find the right one for me so I was wondering what you've all tried?

I have tried:

Atkins (uk) milk chocolate

(not really sweet or tasty enough for me? And I don't like coffee at all so their other flavour is a no.)

Body Fortress Whey Protein, Chocolate

(This is what I use right now. It's okay but needs a bit of sweetner added.)

Pure Soya Protein Isolate, Strawberry

(Ordered this from Holland and Barratt and just tried it. Yargleblarge DISGUSTING.)

I'm thinking about facing up to the expense and ordering from LCM. Has anyone tried the US varieties of atkins shake? Is the US chocolate any nicer? Am also considering trying the Oh Yeah! shakes.

Thoughts, queries, opinions?
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I have the choc ready made up atkins shakes from Low carb mega expensive store and i love them, creamy and yummy (not sure if they the uk or us ones) but ive also got the strawberry shake which TBH is waaay too sweet for me so i put plenty of ice in it.
Linz gets some protein shake mix from there or avidlite but i cant remember which one.

Good luck!
I've got the Atkins choc and Atkins vanilla. Not to keen on the choc, I have been making that and then putting it in freezer for an hour or 2 and it's much nice like that. But the Atkins vanilla is quite nice. .x
i have 2, an unflavoured one i got from ebay, and a vanilla one from holland and barrett. both very low carb.
sometimes i mix one with flaxseed and hot water, to make a kind of porridge, sometimes i add it to a couple of spoons of greek yoghurt, then i find it last me all the way from 06.30 until lunchtime, when i have a salad.
great for workdays, quick and easy, and faceable at that time of day!


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I've just collected my order of the Advantage Tins from Boots £11ish each on offer, so bought a few
Myoplex Carb Sense Ready-to-Drink aren't bad. I've tried quite a few shakes and Atkins Milk Choc RTDs are the best I have found. Maybe add some Splenda to it?


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Great thread thanks - i like the idea of something to use with cream or as sort of icecream :D


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I just have mine with water to keep the carbs low - Cambridge Rtd shakes used to be yummy frozen though.

Thanks for all the replies to this thread - I've discovered my current shake is much nicer & also lower carb if I dissolve candarel in the water I mix it with, rather than adding powdered splenda.

I'll maybe get some powdered Atkins stuff though, and the myoplex rtd stuff as I had one of their bars yesterday and it was nice.
Do any of you use soya milk for protein shakes?

I'd like to try but I just can't get me 'swede around the idea of soya milk. But figured it would be nicer with flavoured protein powder and some berries chucked in?
Creamy in a nice way?

Which is your soya milk brand of choice?
yes, creamy in a nice way.
i use the soya from lidl, it doesn't split in hot drinks like other brands do.
and it keeps, which i didn't realise at first, because they sell it from the fridge i presumed it was fresh, but it's not, so i buy a few at a time and keep them in a cool cupboard (ie the one under the sink with a howling gale through it)

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