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Protein Shakes


Ex-22 stone unit!

I've been taking a look at My Protein for some form of protein shake I can use alongside my exercise and diet for weight loss. I have little knowledge but have narrowed it down to these:

True Whey - True Whey from Myprotein

Impact Whey Isolate - Impact Whey Isolate from Myprotein

Total Protein -Total Protein from Myprotein

All three of them seem to supplement reduced body fat etc, but the ingredients confuse me a little.

Can someone give us some advice in relation to which one would be best suited as a good protein and also used as a snack replacement. I have been looking into Maximuscle's Promax Diet, which seems quite pricey, would any of the above serve the same purpose?

Thanks :)
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Hi Rhino! I don't know if it's any help but a few weeks ago I decided to buy a tub(?) of Myprotein True Whey vanilla - partly based on price, but more importantly on taste reviews by other users. I wanted it as an occasional meal replacement as I was getting a bit desperate after a long lifetime of yo yo dieting, and the concept of a protein shake appealed to me. This was before I found the MiniMins site and renewed my allegiance with the Slimming World plan. It fits well into that and about every other day I use it as a supper replacement. I combine a measure (28g) of the whey powder (contains 19g protein) which I believe is 5 SW syns, with most of my milk allowance for the day, plus a banana or raspberries or some instant coffee. This makes over a pint of creamy good tasting shake, which I enjoy drinking over 10-15 minutes. Afterwards I find my appetite satisfied, and it definitely stops any craving for the evening munchies! It seems to fit in well with my own weight loss needs, and I'm glad I bought it. Of course I can only comment on my personal experience, but would suggest you try to find reviews on the different brands and make your decision based on those. Hope that helps.


Slimming down the aisle
I have ABSOLUTELY no idea about protein shakes/bars etc. but one of my friends is a huge fitness freak and into personal training and stuff, so if you want I could probably get him to contact you and have a chat about it if you want? Or are you all sorted now anyway?
I use their diet whey (they used to call it 'whey slim') and love it. I have one for breakfast and one as a mid-afternoon snack. They mix very well in coffee - they make good fake lattes!

I really feel they've impacted my muscles and appetite.


Ex-22 stone unit!
I've got a few shake samples in me bag but I'm no longer doing weights, would they be worth using after a heavy cardio session or pointless?


Slimming down the aisle
If you're going long enough and hard enough then yeah, you can use it but it's not really needed tbh but if you've got some you want to use up and you know that you won't be doing weights then I guess you might as well. Just spotted how much you've lost now, amazing! Well done!
Hey There!

Syntha 6 or Optimum Nutrition is a good choice and both have great taste. Always drink it post workout since whey is a fast acting protein meaning it is absorbed faster by our body.

If you want it as a meal replacement , try mixing it with milk. Or you can also make you own protein bar using whey. If you need the recipe just pm me. =)


Slimming down the aisle
Depends. If you have enough calories from it that it pushes you higher than you're burning then yes but I doubt you'd be having that much. So if you stay under, which you probably would, it wouldn't make you gain fat no but if you're putting on a fair bit of muscle then you'll see inches come off but not necessarily see anything come off on the scales or a slight increase as you'd be losing lbs of fat and gaining lbs of muscle, so the scales won't reflect the change as well as your measurements.
I use my protein impact whey protein (1scoop) and 1 scoop of flaxseed in my home made smoothies daily. The normally consist of 1 banana, 6-8 frozen strawberries, 4-6 small frozen chunks of mango, handful of frozen blueberries, blackberries, sometimes 2 pineapple rings, yoghurt and milk or orange juice. It's a bit of a mix up recipe but it taste lovely. I also do not add sugar but a little vanilla essence. It makes a large jug which I normally have for breakfast & lunch


Ex-22 stone unit!
Cheers guys,

Been looking around and I reckon a Whey Protein Isolate is for me, just ordered some flavour samples from Iron Science and I will be getting myself a bag of this very soon!

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