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Proud moment

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by janjayjay, 7 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. janjayjay

    janjayjay Active Member

    Just a little thing but I'm very pleased with myself, I work in Customer Services and today a customer bought us a box of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat - my favourite! I couldn't resist having one, but I counted it and so still have plenty of syns left and I stopped at one. I don't feel deprived, it was really lovely but I don't want to blow it today and I was happy to have had such a lovely treat. My normal response when having something naughty is to not count it, I kind of kid myself if it's not written down it doesn't count, which obviously is really silly, but I do the same if I go overboard, instead of counting what I've had and facing up to it, I decide I've blown it and it can then take days to get back on track. My mantra this time round is "I can eat anything I want as long as I count it" and I'm determined to stick to that!

    So yayy, go me :D
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  3. bubbalicious

    bubbalicious Well-Known Member

    Well done you!!! Its a great feeling being in control. ;)

    I had a great moment today too, 2 peoples birthdays = lots of cream cakes and biscuits...... BUT I chose a handful of the fresh strawberries which someone brought in just for people who are on a "diet". Yay me!!!
  4. janjayjay

    janjayjay Active Member

    Yayy you too :)
  5. tinks*

    tinks* Well-Known Member

    Well done that's really good. Plus if you stick to having some within syns, the yumminess lasts longer. :) xx
  6. janjayjay

    janjayjay Active Member

    That's true :D

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