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Psyllium husks - yuck yuck yuck!!!

theyre ok. different shall we say. cant say im mad about them tho!
I suppose it's a case of 'horses for courses' ... personally I love 'em too. I really enjoy my HUGE bowl of porridge each day and feel like the cat who's had the cream all morning! :D
I think it is how you cook it. When I first did a bowl I mixed it with mixer and it was yuck! slimy mess! second time I just put on top of the toffee and walnut and only mixed with my spoon it was lush!
Can I suggest you give it one more try before you sell.

I had some "trial and error" before I decided I liked them.

The first time was too sticky, the next time it became one lump.

Now, my method is:

Mix up hot water (circa 300ml) & chocolate shake until ready to drink. Then, put ONE teaspoon of husks in. Then give a 5 second whizz with the handheld mixer. Just enough to mix the husk power with no lumps.

Don't go on for ages because this is when the trouble starts.

Pour the jug contents into a porrige bowl. EAT straight away!

It will get more textured as it cools and absorbs itself.

(Have only tried chocolate flavour!)
I have had my first try of pysillium husk today and ate a really filling bowl of vanilla porridge. I tought it was lovely and cound not get over how filling it is, cant wait to do it tomorrow again.
I dont like them either and I tried for a week but I found it was putting me off my shakes and even had to bin a soup:eek: :eek: . I do however take the capsules which are better
mines gone really thick, is this because i have used too much?

its got a really slimey texture to it
yep, think you may have used too many. i use 2 level dessert spoons in 400ml water/shake mixture.
also if you leave it too long it goes really slimy..
its gross!

im tryin to eat it, but not having much luck. I used 300ml water, choc shake and 3 teaspoons.... whoops!
it is a bit of an aquired taste but i think you get used to it, its also trial & error.

Mix 400ml of very hot (but not boiling) water with a pack. mix well....
then place mixture in a Large bowl....sprinkle in 2 desert spoons (level-ish) of husks and stir with a fork/spoon until it starts to thicken. It will get thicker as you eat.
hope that helps xxx
thanks, I will try again tomorrow :)
i agree that it can get a little slimy though.......you should wait to see the effects (if you know what i mean) :eek: :eek:

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