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pudding rice for a breakfast


Where's Skinny Minnie?
I was me :) the pudding rice I have from sainsburys only takes about 20 mins to cook though. I just boil half a cup with splenda if I'm having it for breakfast, a tsp of Hartley Best jam is only 1 syn or if you let it cool slightly and stir in a muller light that works well too x


Where's Skinny Minnie?
Yep 100% - definitely free :)

Asda Short Grain Pudding Rice, dried 100g dry

Original 17½ Syns
Green Free

Are you looking at rice pudding? That is synned but because of the cream / milk and sugar not the rice content x
thanks Littlebottle, is your sainsburys pudding rice a quick cook one then? or do they all boil in 20 minutes if done in a pan rather than in the oven? Do you boil it in water? I cant wait to try it? Do you have good weight losses with it?


Where's Skinny Minnie?
I've just checked my packet and the recipe for rice pudding in the oven says 2 hours - it doesn't take that long in a pan so any pudding rice should be the same I would think.
I don't have it all the time, but as I've generally had it as a meal rather than a dessert it's never hurt my losses - if anything it stops me getting hungry until lunch and the quantity I have wouldn't be higher in calories than having a cooked breakfast or 2 slices of toast. I've been ok with it, my Mom has it as a dessert and limits that as it's in addition to meals x
Ive just made some of this for my breakfast and it was lovely , i boiled 2 oz in water for about 20-30 minutes, then i had to sieve it as there was still a bit of water left, then i added a banana and custard mullerlight, and a teaspoon of nutella, it was gorgeous!, but i think i made too much as i had to leave a bit , might only do 1oz next time.
Im wracking my brain now thinking of other 'flavours' i could make !LOL
oooh yum! That sounds lovely Shannon, you've put me in the mood for rice pud!!!
i always make mine with toffee muller but i think the new vanilla choc one would work well and have cinamon on top. lovelyyyyyyyyy
Im going to ask what may seem a dumb question but anyways does it say short grain rice on the packet or short grain pudding rice? I have looked for the pudding rice but couldnt find it/
I got mine in Tesco and believe it or not it was in the pudding section beside flaked rice, ground rice, tapioca and semolina that sort of thing x


Where's Skinny Minnie?
i always make mine with toffee muller but i think the new vanilla choc one would work well and have cinamon on top. lovelyyyyyyyyy

That's a great idea, i bet the new choc varieties would be delish! x

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