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Puddings make puddings.

I have been thinking about starting a diary for a while, it would be nice if people do comment :) but it's mostly to keep myself motivated :)

I started slimming world in about July last year and lost almost 2 stone, had 3 months off and put back on 1 stone....

So I restarted in May weighing 24stone 5lbs, I'm now 22stone 10.5lbs and my target is to get to 20 stone by the middle of October, I am going to Cuba to see my best friend get married, I have a beautiful bridesmaids dress hung up next to me at the moment which is very motivating! I don't want to ruin my friends wedding photos by looking like a sweaty sausage in a beautiful dress! (I am half joking lol)

Time to get up and make breakfast, I stick to extra easy plan because it is ridiculously easy, and I am at my mum's for tea tonight so hopefully whatever she makes me will fit the plan :)

I know 2stone 10.5 lbs is a lot to lose in the next 13 weeks, I have certainly been taking the scenic route so far but I NEED to turn this around, my target is 3 lbs a week and if I stick to it I know I can do it :)
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Hi tillymax :) your right having something big to focus on keeps me vaguely on track :)
Food (so far) today
Brunch - scrambled egg with fried onion and tomato, 4 ryvita with laughing cows and 1/2 a melon

Tea - sigh. My mum has good intentions and I'm not one to turn down a meal (clearly) but tea was fish pie (about 9 syns) and tinned carrots. The joke between me and my siblings is you have a second tea after going to my mum's house for tea!

Second tea/supper - picked up a reduced pack of stir fry veg for 40p so making savoury rice with stir fry veg + cherry toms, spring onions and a green pepper that needs eating. Big portion for my lunch tomorrow and a small portion now :) also got some cherries to boost my 1/3rd superfree for today.

Back to work tomorrow (boooo) I got a pineapple that needs chopping up for a couple of breakfasts this week.
Hi Vicky

Yeah, the sausage comment made me laugh too!!

I think, if you stick to it, and really go for it, you could manage to loose that amount. I want to loose 4st 3lbs by xmas and thats about 2.5 a week, but REALLY id like it gone by end of Nov as its my birthday.... like you, im going to give it my best shot!

Good luck and i look forward to reading about your progress!! x
Hi PP :) before a little slip up 2 weeks ago I "only" needed to lose 2.5lbs a week to hit my target. Now 2 weeks later I have almost got off what I gained but it just shows that I can't afford to mess about this time.
Hola, well Monday mostly done, just telly/shower/Reading/early night left to do.

Tea is in the oven - chicken with roast new pots (with garlic and mustard coating) with some veg.

Work was generally boring, nothing sw related today (this will become a theme for my diary, not much happening lol) oh apart from being given a bar of dairy milk by my boss which I then HAD to eat. Think that makes it less syns or something?

Bloody starving now hurry up oven!
I will try that next time PP :)
Weigh in tonight, lost half a pound since Thursday. Could be worse, could be a lot better though! Back to it tomorrow after my treat night tonight.

Still got my target of 3lbs a week till my holiday - I'v still got a mountain to climb and need to remember (when I am tempted by crap food) that 0.5lbs off is going in the right direction - but it's not gonna get me to looking good in Cuba, it's not gonna make that tray table and plane seatbelt fit - it's just not enough (pls excuse me while I do a bit of self psychology)

Gonna go swimming once star week is over, got some yummy (like cat pi$$) herbal tea stuff to help me along.

Night y'all x
Day 2 (this week) still on track, still recording my syns, still having 1/3rd superfree :)
Just need to keep it up for another 5 days! Hoping for a big loss to get me motivated. Star week is over and I am feeling less bloated. Had some treats at work today - counted the syns and been swimming and burnt the calories off :)

Only problem with swimming is I want to eat the contents of my kitchen when I get home so need to keep myself occupied (or have an early night!)

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