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  1. puggso_32

    puggso_32 Right to the 'point'

    Welcome aboard for another diary from yours truly...I'm getting quite good at this!

    I only change when I am changing something major in how I am going about the dieting and have came up with something which I think will help.

    ...I am not going to have WIs.

    Now this may sound like a strange one but I have noticed lately I am getting into a habit of 1 good week followed by 1 bad. Kind of like seeing the good results almost gives me an excuse to let go the following week.

    So my next WI wont be until the morning of my birthday in 3 and a half weeks.

    I have an idea of where I want to be by then and I am very hopeful that this technique will work.

    I will still be doing my usual calorie counting so nothing else will change.

    ...please don't say I'm mad ;)
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  3. puggso_32

    puggso_32 Right to the 'point'

    Oh I should also add I am going to do my uttermost best to try and not have a sneaky look on the scales now and then!!!!
  4. puggso_32

    puggso_32 Right to the 'point'

    07 July

    Going up to Glasgow to see the Sex In The City movie so had the equivelent of my tea now, so that I will have nothing while in Glasgow and then still have a good amount of calories left for when I get home.

    Mushroom stir fry - 88
    Sweet Chili King Prawns - 413
    5 Crackerbread - 100
    4 crackbread and cheese spread - 100
    1 bit white toast with cheese spread - 100
  5. elle2585

    elle2585 8 t whole wheel of cheese

    that movie is excellent. good luck with this new plan puggs, i hope it all goes well for you. I've decided not to weigh till friday now. I was weighing every morning in the last 2 weeks to figure out some stuff about why I wasn't losing as much weight as i'd hoped etc... now I've learnt the odd thing im going back to weigh ins once a week. And i'm going to try and stick to it this week, as i've let myself down the last couple of days... haha i'll shut up now since this isn't my diary. Enjoy the movie! xxx
  6. Kitteh

    Kitteh Resident geek

    Why you going to see sex and the city? wouldnt have thought it would have been your kind of thing.. lol..
    good luck with whatever you decide to do.. i know you'll manage just fine..

    x x
  7. fatgirl666

    fatgirl666 Hates to post

    good luck witht the new technique.
  8. hollycat

    hollycat To infinity and beyond!


    Good luck with the new system, you are good. I am a real scales junkie and hop on and off several times a day :eek:
  9. puggso_32

    puggso_32 Right to the 'point'

    Hey, thanks. We were about to leave my mates flat when it started pouring it and we knew we'd get soaked heading to the subway. She offered watching the 4th season and going to see the film tomorrow so watched 6 episodes before I toddled home myself. Back to Glasgow tomorrow to try again :rolleyes:

    See it really shouldn't be...what me being a straight guy and all...but I really do like it. Not like seen every episode and know everything or that but any time I have saw it on TV (or tonight as mentioned above) I have enjoyed it. Will let you know what I think of the film :)

    Thank you :)

    Wow!!!! See I only done it at the same time every day, the time my WI would be (first thing in the morning). You sound a bit mad ;)

    Ok so far after my 'tea' it has been;

    Quavers - 87
    Kit Kat Sensations - 165
  10. puggso_32

    puggso_32 Right to the 'point'

    Had the rest of my calories last night across cheese and toast, crackerbread and a pack of Walkers crips.

    8 July

    Hienz Lentil soup - 166
    Brown bread - 160
    Crackerbread and cheese spread - 100
  11. elle2585

    elle2585 8 t whole wheel of cheese

    YAY, a straight man who like SATC! To be honest I reckon mre guys would like it, only they don't give it a chance as theyre just tooooo proud.

    My no weigh in till friday day 1: FAILED. However, I was happy with the result haha. Did you manage to stop yourself this morning?
  12. puggso_32

    puggso_32 Right to the 'point'

    I did aye, in fact I found it quite easy. Basically I took a big drink as soon as I woke up, then I knew if I was to weigh myself that would be added to it, so wouldn't give a true sign anyway (assuming you always way in under certain circumstances like me) hence didn't do it. :D

    And SATC today :D
  13. elle2585

    elle2585 8 t whole wheel of cheese

    yeah, naked in the mornings. and i always take my watch off, cos you never know:p haha. i do love satc.... *sigh*. however, be warned, the movie is loooooong...
  14. WeakWilled

    WeakWilled Full Member

    And SATC today :D[/QUOTE]

    Really fantastic film...Ilove your diary by the way...keep popping by to see how ur doing.....good luck x
  15. puggso_32

    puggso_32 Right to the 'point'

    Alright I am back...and this is my thoughts on it.

    Very good, not as good as the TV show. Not as funny, but I think they were going for the more serious route anyway. It did have some funny moments (Charlotte's accident and Samantha's Sushi) and some really sweet moments too.

    I don't know if it was too long...it actually felt like a good legnth.

    That Louise character felt pointless though, think even without her it would have been pretty good.

    ...can I steal Charlotte? :)

    Oh and this evening - Sainsbury (tell I wasn't in my own town..no tesco!) Singapore Noodles - 432
  16. puggso_32

    puggso_32 Right to the 'point'

    Remainder for the day;

    Tesco chilli and potato wedges - 325
    Cheese/crackerbread - 100
    Bread - 140
    Crackerbread and butter - 135
  17. puggso_32

    puggso_32 Right to the 'point'

    09 July

    Omlette - 180
    Toast - 140
    Crackerbread and butter - 100
  18. puggso_32

    puggso_32 Right to the 'point'

    Trying not to sound halfarsed but I aint kept too much count today simply cos I have been out. Been ticking over with food now and then and think I am about 1000 calories for the day but it is not an exact science.

    Tomorrow is my graduation ball...so dunno how that one will go. Friday we are doing a subcrawl ( Sub - the Subcrawl site ) so hopefully will be more liquid than food going in me!

    If I aint on again, see yous all either Friday night or Saturday
  19. elle2585

    elle2585 8 t whole wheel of cheese

    ok. can i fill in your crackerbreads for you while you're gone? hahaha. have a good weekend/graduation. guarantee you wont want to take your gown off. it's WELL cool. :)
  20. puggso_32

    puggso_32 Right to the 'point'

    I've had my graduation...that was last Wednesday...and I couldn;t wait to get the bloody gown off! Pain in the erse that it was!

    This is our modules ball....fancy clothes, fancy food....tesco vodka in your hotel room cos the bar will be dear :D
  21. elle2585

    elle2585 8 t whole wheel of cheese

    lol i'm well dim sometimes. i think i already knew that haha. oooh hotel room, very nice. i was pretty sober at mygrad ball but at the humanities ball i was drunk even before we ate. so i couldnt actually eat anything. there are some pretty BAD photos. you never said if you enoyed SATC?

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