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Pumpkin's food & exercise diary

Fri 2nd Jan- EE
BF- omelette with turkey
L- 2slices ham, 1 egg, pasta n sauce
S- mug shot & 2 alpen light (HEb)
D- pasta n sauce with salad, bacon & cabbage
S- fruit. SW ice-cream (maltesers)-5syns-1/2 pkt and w.w dessert 9.5syns (14.5syns total)

Exercise- 60mins treadmill- 10min wrm up then 20mins of intervals [email protected] 4.5, [email protected] 6.5, then incline walk 5mins, then flat @4.8 for rest of time.
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Thanks Sonban, I'm finging this site a great help, I'm addicted lol x


Is so very nearly there!
Its very addictive and the help and inspiration is amazing!

Good Luck on ya journey! x
Bad, overate today and feel like cr*p cz of it. I'm planning to exercise my butt of tomorrow though! Thanks for asking lol x
Lost 1lb at WI, which is crap for 1st week but then it was over new year and I only really done 2full days so I'm pretty impressed lol. I think if I hadn't joined I would prob be aboput another 7lb heavier!
Bf: fruit & muller light
L; Sw chips, veg and ham
D; 2 nimble (HEb), SW chips, homemade coleslaw (4 syns), batchalers rice (1/2 pkt), salad
Snacks; 3coffees (HEa)

Exercise; 30mins t.mill- 8min warm up, 16mins running intervals 1+1, and 6min cool down


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Thats the spirit! Gosh you put me to shame with your exercising! I must look out my (dusty) dvds.
Thats the spirit! Gosh you put me to shame with your exercising! I must look out my (dusty) dvds.
Lol, did you hoak those out yet? Hehe!
Didn't exercise today, walked round Ikea for about 3 hrs then asda for about 30mins, so thats enough exercise for me today lol! x
1lb off is better then it on especially over New Year, Keep up the good work and exercise, but don't over do it!!! Have a fab week!
Thanks Nilo, hope you have a fab week too! xx
Bf; omelette with ham and 2 nimble (HEb)
l; pasta with tomato &garlic sauce & peas
d; mince with onions, peas, carrots, swede, and champ
s; mullerlight x2, fruit, 3 coffes (HEa), w.watchers dessert 9.5syns.
Exercise; Rest day, but walked alot shopping :D
Brunch; bacon&leek pasta salad
Dinner; pasta, chicken and curry sauce
Snacks; 2 cappuccino skinnys (3syns each=6syns)
2 nimble(HEb) with tuna salad (mayo 1/2 syn per tablesp=2syns)
milk (HEa)
Total 6syns
Exercise;had a well deserved lie and then spent 2.5 hrs cleaning out wardrobes and spare room.
I even found my last pkt of fegs from last year when I quit! There were 8 left in a 20 deck, my BF took them, even though I wanted to keep them as a souvineer LMAO. If I can quit smoking I can quit eating LOL!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Hi Pumpkin! Yes I got my dvd's out. Tried Martine's Dance Body. The warm up and the aerobic section till the bloke said if you are new stop now! 20 mins in all and did 40 crunches, then my abs went into spasm!
I looked at the Oz aerobic one and it looked very frantic, but I have done the belly dance one before and that's fun (you can really feel your waist and hips the day after) My Rosemary C salsa one is missing and so is my gym ball one. OH must have "tidied them away" Cue for a few sharp words!

Well done with doing EE It'll be interesting to see what everyones losses are.
I lost all my DVDs flip sake! Good on ya judimac! It's the getting started that I find most difficult lol!
Ok so I ate too much on fri and ended up drinkin 2 bottles of wine and 2 tins of beer, then went for meal last night and was still dying,so ate lots of extremely non-sw friendly stuff!! So today is a new start.Again.

Sunday 11th Jan
Brunch; eggs & bacon on 2 nimble (HEb) and coffee (hEa)
Dinner; beef curry with rice and sw chips
Treat; ww choc dessert 9.5 syns, with chopped banana and grapes

Exercise; 10min walk just and a bit of housework

Monday 12th Jan

Breakie; banana
Snack; banana, yogurt
Lunch; Grilled tuna steak with salad
Dinner; Spaghetti bolognese,
Snack; s&s mug shot with w/meal roll (HEb) and flora (2syns)
Treat; mullerlight grapes and strawberries

Exercise; :character00116:
45 min spin class
60 min pilates class
20 mins HIIT (2+1) on treadmill
5 mins on arm machine
60 mins dance class
TOTAL: :D 3hrs 10mins:woohoo: :superwoman:
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Lost 0.5 lb at WI, not bad since TOTM and overdosed on wine and chocolate fri nte and anti-sw meal out sat nte so yayyyy for that wee half pound lol.
Will be 100% week this week! I'm raring to go!x
Tues 13th Jan; EE;
Breakie; fruit and yogurt
Lunch; pasta n sauce with salad
Snack; 2nimble, ham, and cheese (HEa +b) and low fat butter (1.5syns-just on 1 slice)
Dinner; pasta n sauce, chicken
treat; lindt choc ball (4syns), choc waffer (3.5syns)
Total syns- 9. HE's; 1a + 1b

45min boxercise class- was soooo tough but great!
60min pilates class- stomagh is sore from yesterdays class so it's working lol.

Total exercise; 1hr 45mins
Wednesday 14th Jan
Breakie; banana, apple & mullerlight
lunch; ham salad
dinner; chinese- chicken chow mein (7syns)
snack; mullerlight, 2nimble (HEb), cheese (HEa), and ham

Exercise; None, worked 11 hour shift so I'm wreaked!

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