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Discussion in 'JUDDD Diaries' started by **punk*~*star**, 22 February 2014.

  1. **punk*~*star**

    **punk*~*star** Well-Known Member

    Hi, I'm kay, 31, stay at home mum for 3 kids...

    My journey so far... Started at 15.11 in January 2010 while doing SW I managed to get down to 12.5... That's where it went wrong - after partying about on SW for pretty much the rest of the time I am now here weighing 16st! I am going on holiday abroad in 16 weeks so I'm trying to stick the this till then & hopefully get some weight off by then...

    From what I saw on the calculator thing on an up day I'm on 1800 calories & on a down day 500 calories... Not sure if theta anything I should know but I'm starting Monday as a down day...

    Looking forward to chatting to you all :) x
  2. Karma365

    Karma365 Well-Known Member

    Hi Kay,
    I've just started today, first down day almost over and hasn't been too bad, just hope I can sleep on empty stomach.

    Use the weekend to do a shop for down day calorie controlled foods.
  3. **punk*~*star**

    **punk*~*star** Well-Known Member

    Hi, yeah I'm off food shopping this morning - I'm thinking ww soups, diet pop & sugar free jelly are going to be big things for me... I don't usually feel hungry when I've drunk fizzy pop :) am glad your first down day went well, hope I can say the same tomorrow! I'm out of the house most of tomorrow at a dance competition with my daughter so shouldn't have too much time think...

    What type of things have you had to eat / drink today if you don't mind me asking? X
  4. Irish-Ozzie

    Irish-Ozzie Well-Known Member

    Subscribing :)
  5. Karma365

    Karma365 Well-Known Member

    Hi Kay,
    You sound organised and busy tomorrow so it should go well for you. We'll both be on down days together.
    I know what you mean about fizzy drinks, that will fill you up for a while. I'm going to have salad and soup I think tomorrow, and stay away from other carbs.

    On my down day I had two shakes, WW soup, a carrot and a small apple. I drank 1.5litres of water and two teas.

    this morning I had a a lovely 250kcal omelette, I' m sticking to 1800 on an up day, are you going to count calories on an up day?

    Best of luck for tomorrow.

    Btw how do you subscribe?
  6. **punk*~*star**

    **punk*~*star** Well-Known Member

  7. **punk*~*star**

    **punk*~*star** Well-Known Member

    Thankyou... I'm looking forward to tomorrow... It should be a good day as I have bad anxiety & can't eat in public so if I'm at comp all day I don't anyway :)

    Yeah I'm going to stick to 1800 calories on up days as I need to be as strict as possible before my holiday :)

    Subscribing - you should already be subscribed to this thread as you have commented on it :) x
  8. Karma365

    Karma365 Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear you have anxiety trouble, but may well help on down days as you say.
    what age is your daughter?
    where are you going for hols, somewhere hot I hope.
  9. **punk*~*star**

    **punk*~*star** Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I'm fine with the anxiety to be honest I've learnt to control it now :) & as you say it actually helps in situations like this
    my daughter whose dancing tomorrow is 8, my 4 year old also dances but she's not doing this comp (& I have a 10 year old son too) have spent 4 days making her costume so I hope she looks ok on stage :eek:
    We are going to alcudia for 2 weeks in June! Can't wait just hope I'm a little thinner by then...
  10. Karma365

    Karma365 Well-Known Member

    Aw lovely ages, it's great that they have a good hobby like that.
    if you have the money you should reward yourself with something for the holiday if you lose weight, or put 20 quid in a jar as you holiday fun each time you lose weight.
  11. Karma365

    Karma365 Well-Known Member

    Hi Kay,
    hope your first day is going well.
  12. **punk*~*star**

    **punk*~*star** Well-Known Member

    Hiya day one going well I've had a mug of tea & small can of diet coke so far... I'm just on way home from dance comp - daughters group got 3rd place :) will eat something when I get home x
  13. Karma365

    Karma365 Well-Known Member

    Go dancing daughters! That's great. I've been holding off eating too, but will have something v.soon, all calorie counted of course!
  14. **punk*~*star**

    **punk*~*star** Well-Known Member

    Monday 24th February: down day (500 calorie) 16st 3lb

    WW chicken noodle soup & 1/2 WM pitta pocket - 136 calories

    WW chicken curry, pickled onions & lettuce - 309 calories

    2 mugs of tea with 100ml semi skim milk - 52 calories

    Diet coke - 2 calories

    Total - 499 calories :)
  15. Karma365

    Karma365 Well-Known Member

    All sounds good, well done.
    have you set a goal weight, or are you waiting to see how you look/feel.
    I always seem to get to goal weight and then go completely mad and put all weight back on. This is the first time I've put on weight plus an extra stone. Not a happy camper, hence want it gone FOR GOOD!!
  16. **punk*~*star**

    **punk*~*star** Well-Known Member

    Right I see, I love the focus you have :)

    I'm not going for goal weight as such... First goal is whatever I an physically lose between now & holiday... Next I want to get to 12st as this is the least I've been in years & actually looked ok... Then basically to go from there till I'm happy/content with where I am :) x
  17. Karma365

    Karma365 Well-Known Member

    Thats a good idea,breakin it down into smaller goals
  18. KittyBling

    KittyBling Well-Known Member

    Subscribing :) Sounds like it's all going well so far, well done!
  19. **punk*~*star**

    **punk*~*star** Well-Known Member

  20. Karma365

    Karma365 Well-Known Member

    How did you get on today?

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