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Purple - 2011 SF diary

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
First day today, have done SF before for a month before starting a VLCD where I lost 3 stone.
Had a baby since then so have gained weight and although I've lost a stone since then I'm still 2 stone up. :eek:

so... after feeding my baby for a year (which I'm still doing but her calories are mainly from food now) I am turning to SF as convenient and it works. I'm at college full time so the bars will come in handy.

Look forward to reporting losses. :DHave joined the 1st Feb challenge with a view to losing 9lb between now and then, fingers x'd that's 'do-able' as thats my 39th Birthday! ;)

Exercise will be walking and working my horse.
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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Day one coming to a close and I'm on track! :D chuffed and enjoyed making a difference today to my weight! :) first steps..

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
day two :) Feeling FAB and motivated!! got on the scales this morning as I'm a daily weigher and I've lost 3lb already!!! bloody shocked I was I must confess! lol
Won't add my losses up for a week as I know it can go up and down in the week but it doesn't phase me. :)

Moving my horse to a new livery yard and need to start doing some prep for an interview at a local University next week. :D I'm applying for Mental Health Nursing. :) Hope I get in and 2011 is my year!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Day 3 today - weighed in at 3.5lb loss in total so far.. taking my half a pound under 200 so yep.. officially in the hundreds! woohoo 199.5lbs. :)

Feel great gain today so glad to be on the wagon again and doing well. :D had a lovely walk on the beach in the sunshine with dogs, hubby and kids, also nipped to see my horse, no work for him today but will do some tomorrow. :)

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Still here and seeing progress in my jeans zip not coming down and a coat button that does up without straining!! :D Amazing how 4lb can make such a difference! I was naughty last night but planned it and had a shake for dinner so I could eat some apple crumble my daughter made at school - her first ever cooking class at school so I refuse to feel bad! :D I loved it, and I stayed the same this morning so that was good too. :)

Am loving not being hungry! :D Slimfast is a great diet hope I can make it last long term. :) I have never done this with it so fingers x'd but i'll worry about that when I get to it.

Watching Biggest loser (UK) later as it's on sky+ so going to be fab knowing i'm actually doing something about my weight! last one I watched (american) they were losing and I was gaining! not a great feeling....
sounds like your very motivated well done keep at it

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Thanks :) it's the only way I make it in diets! lol

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Feeling great this morning.. jumped on the scales and total loss so far is 6lb! Fantastic as I have till Friday morning! :D

Off shopping this morning for more supplies for the next week. :)

Have an interview for Swansea Uni tomorrow :) feels great knowing I'm nearly half a stone lighter!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Thanks Rowan - and congrats on your losses too! :D How old is your baby? my baby in the pic is 1 now, she was 1 a week before xmas. I have an 11 year old and a 6 year old too though (girls). :D

Well.. no more losses! 2 days now and scale hasn't moved, but AF is due soon so could be that.. not going to be down about it just more water and keep going.

I have been running around the last two days too so could be partly that. Had uni interview yesterday. :D :D went REALLY well so feeling great about it, its my local uni too so hoping geographically for the shortest drive.. choices are 20 miles each way.. or 55 miles each way! lol

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Official WI day today.. and stayed the same so loss for week is 6lb! Super happy with that.. another 2lb and I'll be in the 13's :D :D haven't been there since early pregnancy with my baby! lol

Got another Uni interview for the 28th so will be fab to be a bit further down in weight by then. :)
That's 3 interviews in 2 weeks!! yikes.. but they're all done then and thats 3 interviews from 3 applications so really can NOT complain! :D am chuffed and excited to get a place.

Back to my homework. :D


Losing the baby fat
She's nigh on 19 months, it's going so quick... too quick! As you'll know yourself having 2 others!!
I love her to bits and I've got to lose this weight for her sake if nothing else!!

Congrats on your loss, thats really fabulous! You can't complain at 6lbs in a week :bliss: :talk017: and also about your interview, lots to look forward to! :D
6lb Fantastic. Your right it is amazing how much difference four pounds makes. You are brilliant to be able to do it all with 3 children. I only have one but when it is stress time, you know 1 minute to leave for school and he says "You did sign my planner and have written a letter about the school trip' you know the stuff, I tend to turn to food. I am also a daily weigher but not as controlled as you I have to take it of my profile.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Hey :) from what you've said about your distances I'm guessing the other two uni's are Glamorgan and Cardiff? I'm in my last year of my nursing degree in glamorgan :) well done on doing something about it now rather then waiting! I wish I had rather than just growing and growing in my first year! Oh well. I'll be a slim staff nurse so all is not lost :) if you want any info then just let me know, I can help with the nursing but not long started slim fast myself.

Well done on your first weeks loss, today is day 4 for me :) lost 3.5 stone with SW though xx
they are indeed! Glamorgan is my first choice if I could move it closer! :sigh:;) Well done with your weight loss and getting almost through the course, you must be looking forward to qualifying, registering and getting a job eh! :DFab stuff!

I have to lose this weight.. I lost it before then got pregnant but seriously need it gone again! lol

Thanks everyone - your support rocks! :D

I'm sad to say no more loss since Friday but AF is due so fingers x'd it's just that or the scales move soon! :pI'm on track and doing fine.. off to college tomorrow with a bar for lunch! yikes!! lol have some fruit too.


Crawling to the finish!
Well done on you loss! Keep up the motivation your doing great!! X

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Thanks Rowan and all! next step down BMI sounds great!
We're off out to dinner tonight.. yikes! Desperately trying to be good tonight, and lost half a lb this morning so keeping htat in mind as it's my first loss this week for some reason. I've been good but just not shifting lbs.
Hope your dinner went well and you still have that half pound and hopefully more. I sometimes think the weight loss stores up and does not show itself for a couple of days after it should, like buses.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
lol Thanks Stig, you are right about the 'buses'! lol I was still at half a lb yesterday.. but this morning... 2lb!! :D
Chuffed as 2lb this week is not bad at all and I ate well the other night - I'm veggie so limited in choices, but had quiche salad and jacket potato. :) I didn't eat the crust of the quiche so all in all a success for me! I even avoided the garlic bread etc! lol
Well done, it is so hard when you think you are not losing but you held on in there and got the result we all dream of.
I am veggie as well and choices are so limited at at a regular restaurant, they always try to go give you something with cheese or pasta. Garlic bread ahhhhhh

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