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Purple marks after exercising?

So I have been on a diet & doing exercise everyday for 45 minutes on an exercise bike, it's going to be about 3 weeks tomorrow, and so far I've lost 3.5-4.5kg. I think i'm starting to see some improvements, I think anyways.

However, over the last one or two weeks I've had these thick(dark,noticeable) purple marks around like flabby bits, just like If I sit down i have small rolls, and under the rolls there'll be two big dark purple marks along the flab lines, and two other purple marks under well man boobs lol.

However, after like 10 or so hours the purple lines start to get smaller (they become like lines, the width decreases..if that makes any sense) however it is still very noticeable and I would like to know what this means.

Btw I'm Male.
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Hi DizzP
They sound like stretchmarks to me.
Palmer's cocoa butter is very good for helping with them or I know some people who swear by Bio Oil although I've not tried it myself.
Well done on your loss so far!
Oh wow Was hoping that it wouldn't be that! :( Like, now in the morning im just about to exercise and the 'stretch' marks are like less purple and are just really thin lines but there still visible, they've lost some colour, did my exercise cause this? If so any idea why? :/


Gold Member
Hey, it does sound like stretch marks,

Its just the lower layers of your skin not being able to stretch/change shape at the same rate as your muscles/body. They can look redder when there is more blood flow - after exercise - or if you have any on your tummy after a big meal mine used to get wider and redder!

I used both palmers coco butter AND Bio Oil but have found that bio oil seems to work the best for me. Its not cheap tho so i try and get a few bottles when boots have 3 for 2's on. It also smells lovely :)

The stretch marks will eventually shrink into barely noticable silvery lines and then they can be your battle scars from your weight loss adventure!!

Kate x
Yea, stretch marks are pretty common but it isn't necessarily a bad thing. Maybe you have built up enough muscles where your skin is having to move in new ways which is causing the marks. If so, keep at it!

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