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Purple skys food diary

Ahh what a good idea. I started on Thursday but will write this from today. Also to note i am sticking with green days as i am a vegetarian :D

So far has been for breakfast an apple, lots of blueberries and a muller light yogurt. Cup of coffee and a couple of glasses of water

My lunch is currently warming up and is a bean and veggie soup(from our consultant and is also free) with 58g of wholemeal roll which is my HEXB(i believe) and some grapefruit i think for afterwards.

So far i;ve used 5 syns in 2 full days. And last night chocolate was being passed around(went to a friends house) and i said no thank you *faints* sw really does make sense.

Will update this post later :D
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Dinner was as followed a jacket potato with laughing cow triangles mashed in and baked beans. With green beans and broccoli, then apple again.

I have been drinking diet coke and water all day, though need to try and kick the diet coke. As yes it might be syn free but its not the best really
Well alst night i had 2 chocy weetabix and 4 tbsp of whole milk soo add 10 syns to my list then but thats still only 15 syns soo far :D

Right today or the 6th of feb i have had..

Breakfast was apple, muller light vanilla and 2 chocy weetabix and milk. As been told by sliming world the choccy weetabix can count as a HEX but add 2 syns sooooo 2 syns at breakfast.

No coffee left in the house and no coke *woe* sooo had lots of water instead lol

Lunch was a small portion of brown rice and a portion of chickpea and spinach curry. with carrots and a onion salad made with 4 spring onions, 2 tomatoes, a dash of chili and 1 level tbsp of mint sauce( 1syn as sweetened)

Then i felt the need for more weetabix so used up my other HEXB choice and also add to syns and used up the rest of my milk from my HEXA. Not sure if i will use my other HEXA tonight will have to see how things go and what i make for dinner :D

Sooo today thats 5 syns and 2 in total and we are on day 4 :D

Love and light purple
Right dinner was a jacket potatoe with a very large salad made with lots of lettuce, tomatoes, carrot and raw red cabbage. Also had a little syn with a level tbsp of salad cream at s.5 syns (shocking :O). Was going to check the syn value of of my low fat dressing but couldnt use my computer
Ohhhh uber naughty time decided in my wisdom to get a packet of milky way magic stars. 9 syns for the whole packet which takes me up to 16.5 for the day but meh. Going from my weekly amount. as long as i do not pass the 105 mark(which i dount) it will be a ok.

Had two and feeling quite satisfied already so might save the rest for throughout the week when i feel the need for something naughty.
Had no interenet yesterday grrrrr so yesterday i had
apple and weetabix and with milk(for HEX A and B) + 2syns

Lunch was a large mix salad and a boiled egg and afterwards i have mixed fruit (grapes, apples and pinapple) toped with fat free natural yog

Dinner was a slimming world recipe potato gratan and it was lush, with parsnips, savoy cabbage and carrots.

After that i had an apple and a banana with a danoen shape delights(caramel nom nom nom) and that was at 5.5 syns (omg wtf) i had no net access so i couldn't check it, Might have to give the rest to andy for eats lol

Then i used the rest of my milk with another HEXB with my weetabix and used 2 more syns

So i totla syn value of 9.5 yesterday
Right i had for my lunch a salad with cold cooked pasta and 2 level tbsp of asda good for you honey and mustard dressing so thats +1 syn.

Then for my dinner i had scrambled eggs(cooked with no fat) with peppers and onion. With that i had 2 slices of nimble toasted(HEXB) with 1tsp of clover at 1.5 syns.

Then i had a danone thingy at 5.5 syns(they are rather awesome lol) and an apple_

so on 8 syns today might have something a little syn worthy later but dunnnnnooo
Riiiiiiiigggghhhht this morning(after a slow start as well again not feeling to special) i had a mix of strawberrys and bananas. Ohh off for a mile and a half walk into town and back(so 3 miles in total, should burn some stuff off). Actually going to have a sandwich for my lunch today.

2 nimble and 42g of low low(my hexa and b) with tomato and then some carrot stick and some apple afterwards.

Not sure what to have for dinner might make a veggie chilli and have it with some rice :D

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