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Purpleangel's SW diary!


hello all!

tomorrow i am joining SW with the intention of completing my weightloss.

I started my weightloss journey in January with a total food replacement diet. It was extreme but then my weight had rocketed causing me back and hip problems. My mum had suggested it to me and i thought i need a good old kick up the bum and motivation.

So from January 5th-14th March i did my TFR and lost 2 stone 10lbs. My main goal was to lose 4 stone. I meant to do 3 stone on TFR but got quite sickly so decided to move to SW earlier as health comes first!

I have done over a weeks refeed. I feel positive and have started to exercise. I think SW is gonna help me get to that 4 stone loss :)

Hope to get to know all the cool people on this board and pick up loads of yummy recipes and have a laugh.
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realised this was a food diary section so created a personal diary in the other section....BUT gonna use this for food only! LOL

Friday 27th March 2009: DAY 1 RED!
Syns: possibly a WW yoghurt but flaming online syns don't seem to be working - guessing 1.5?

Free food: 2 bananas, 1 apple, salad, sardines in tomato sauce, veg, salmon, mullerlight

HEXA: milk in coffee
HEXB: 2 hi-fi bars

todays food was:

scrambled eggs for breakfast (milk HEXA) with grilled tomatoes

banana and apple

dinner: chicken tikka SW style (free) with rice - 2 portions as x2 HEXBs :)

banana and mullerlight

Breakfast - x 2 egg mayo sandwiches - using x2 HEXBs with 4 slices of wholemeal nimble - and the egg mayo was Sainsburys Be Good To Yourself which was free! YUMMMY!

apple and banana and WW yoghurt

HEXA - whole fat milk in tea (picked wrong bottle of milk up)

Dinner: steak and veg

apple - mullerlight
Hi-fi bar (6syns)
30/3/09 GREEN

Brekkie: apple, banana

lunch: jacket potato, salad

dinner: jacket potato, cottage cheese (free) egg mayo (free)

yoghurt, banana

HEXB: cheese and milk
HEXA: 2 hi-fi bars (the lemon one is sooo nice!)

Brekkie: apple, banana, skinny latte (HEXA)

Lunch: salad, mackerel in tomato sauce, mullerlight

snack: 4 grapes

snacks: x2 hi-fi bars (2HEXB) 1 mini babybel

dinner: cod, veg, mullerlight

had a few wobbly days but back on track!

so i will do yesterday and todays food diary :)

Sunday Red

Brekkie: 3 quorn sausages, scrambled eggs, tomatos

HEXB - 2 wholemeal nimble
HEXB - hi fi bar

Dinner - mackerel and veg in a tomato sauce

HEXA - milk
HEXA - 2 mini babybels

syns: 4 for margarine on toast
1 for x2 glasses of high-juice
2 for serving of cornflour in tom sauce with fish!

Monday Green

brekkie: hi fi bar, x2 bananas, 1 apple
lunch: huge salad with boiled eggs and huge jacket potato
dinner: SW chips, beans and egss
mullerlight, x2 bananas and hi fi bar

syns: 1 for high juice
been a bit lazy doing this diary so heres yesterdays and todays!

13/4/09 RED

brekkie - banana, clementine, yoghurt and apple
weetabix HEXB
milk HEXA

snack: syn free egg mayo, apple and banana

dinner: syn free meatballs with tonnes of veg. Muller layered yoghurt 1.5 syns. Hifi bar HEXB

14/4/09 GREEN

Brekkie: weetabix (HEXB) milk (HEXA) with banana, apple and mullerlight

lunch: Heinz ravioli - cheese and tom 1.5 syns with baked beans

hifi bar (HEXB)

dinner: SW chips (love them!) egg and Sainsburys meat free burgers - 1 syn.

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