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Pursuing another dream.....selling my art......is it too late?

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For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to make a living selling my art.

I paint, make jewelery, pottery- thrown on the wheel and hand sculpted, stone carving, draw, etc.

I never had the confidence in myself before. But as said, I feel now I can do most anything I want to. So....maybe? Who knows? Maybe I could do that?

So, I am starting very small. My LLC has very kindly offered me a display in her office. I am also going to try and sell some at work....now and again take an afternoon off and set up in the kanteen.

SO, I have spent the last few weeks organising all my supply and stock....filling in the gaps with new beads and stuff....and today, I got started. I spent the bulk of the day happily listening to music and beading.

Its a very small step towards what I hope one day to be a lot of work!! And as my worksace and workshop is limited....the projects will have to smart small, like these earrings. My real love is actually cutting and grinding semi precious stones - and silverwork. But - for now - beading will have to suffice. :)

I hope you don't mind - I am posting some photos of what I have done today. I apologise - the quality of the pics is rubbish - I really must sort out my real camera and not use my phone so much. But it hopefully gives enough of an idea.

The beads are mostly glass, hematite, pearls, torquoise, chech crystal, etc.

Do you think I could flog these?? :confused:

Thanks for taking the time to look - I apprecaite it. Its a completely unknown to me. I know what I like - but always afraid to put it to the public.

Thanks again - sorry to waffle so much!!

Here are the pics...there are quite a few as I was hoping to at least get a decent peice in each photo! lol

will put the last ones on the next post...
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This is so weird!! My best friend and I only were talking today that we really need to get our butts into gear and get selling some stuff. We're both into crafting and things and wanted to do something with shabby chic furniture.

I would say that your earrings would definitely sell hun, they are gorgeous! I used to make a lot of jewellery and it was always well received. Good luck with it!!
they are lovely, and i think you should go for it, especially as while you hands are busy making things they cant be picking up food lol:) perhaps we should all take up craft work lol
anyway you should definatly do it if its been a dream, i always wanted to sing all my life, i left it till i was 39 to let people hear me and feel i have wasted a talent that i was sure i didnt have but have been assured i do have! So go for it and we'll all be interested in your progress so please keep us all informed.
bye all the best tiz x
Hi BL - your jewellery is lovely. Have you thought about putting some nice pics on ebay and seeing what you can sell there? Its a great way to get started. A friend of mine started making wedding stationery and started selling on ebay and did really well.

How cool that there are so many crafty ladies on here. I wish I was artistic!

If you can do me one as a nice necklace then would like to buy one for Jo's birthday next week.

Give me a mail

i defo think the jewellery will sell. and well done for going for it its quite inspiring as i want to sell things only differenceis i want to buy them first lol. good luck with it let us all know how it takes off!!! :D
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I'm sure you could sell these - work is a great place to start. I also bead!! I started making jewellery for myself - never any intention to sell. My secretary saw a couple of my necklaces when I popped into the office and asked me to make her one. Then bought 3-4 more for friends then encouraged me to bring the rest into customer services - where I sold 8-10 more!!! I also did commissions - if someone liked a particular pendant but wanted a different colour or wanted on a ribbon rather than a wire etc. This time of year is great too - because people buy for Christmas pressies. I don't have time to make them for sale at the mo but should really get a few bits done for Christmas.

My main problem was trying to decide how much to sell them for!!! Think I undersold myself a bit - but was so gobsmacked people wanted to buy them.

Try your local shops too - my post office has a little corner where a local girl sells earrings and bracelets very similar to yours. I got chatting to the manager of one of my local independent clothes shops and she was admiring the necklace I was wearing and when I told her I'd made it she wanted me to bring in some more with a view to selling them in her shop (never had the time to do it really) so there are definitely opportunities out there - go get 'em!!

Why dont you post them on here for sale - we could have a craft forum where everyone who makes their own stuff could post pictures of their wares. Are we allowed to do that? Maybe one of the mods could advise?

Also - I would be very interested in looking at your paintings - I think I mentioned before how much I used to like your avatar painting.

You are obviously a very talented girl!!

Carol x
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By the way - its NEVER too late. My Mum has started painting again since she retired and has sold some of her paintings and shes 63.

Go for it!

Carol x
ohh you know what i loveeeeeeeeeee pictures of scenery, like sun setting over the ocean, new york sky line at dusk stuff like that and if i saw one for sale i would buy it. :D
My word, aren't you talented!! They would sell like hotcakes I reckon. Go for it!! Isn't it amazing how this diet can make you feel that you can acheive things you didn't think possible before. I wasn't at my last meeting but my neighbour (who is in my group) told me that everyone in our group were talking about the career changes they are in the process of making since doing the diet and finding their inner confidence. It's great stuff.

My mother-in-law sells pottery she makes and paints herself. She does it a this shop that sells lots of different handcrafts. She pays a rental and they take the money for her and it seems to work out well for her. She's also been comissioned to do some bits from that. Good luck with it. Maybe you can set up an online shop on ebay? Go for it - achieve those dreams! It'd be a shame to keep that talent to yourself :)
Just to say that Jo received her necklace today for her birthday tomorrow and has just opened it as she is away tomorrow and absolutely loves it and is more than impressed.

Hence if anyone wants an original pressie for a friend (or themselves) then I recommend strongly you grab one while you can ;-)

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Oooh what a glowing recommendation! (Happy Birthday to Jo for tomorrow by the way :)).

They really are gorgeous BL! Go for it! :D
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Oooh what a glowing recommendation! (Happy Birthday to Jo for tomorrow by the way :)).

They really are gorgeous BL! Go for it! :D

Thank you SUmmer! I am actuallly finding there is a lot of interest - at work and other places.. I am feeling encouraged! Will be busy beading away this weekend!!!

THanks hon. :)

S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
lol Nad - keep up girl! :D

Well, I have only just started to get myself set up to start 'production' on a variety of different things - earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. So at the moment, I am really busy bulking up my supplies and making designs....very much the planning stages. Mike just got in swiftly and I couldn't say no!! :D So his was made on the spot.

In a couple of weeks most, I should have some different designs, and by then batteries for my good camera. I can then post some pics here, and I will also create an online album.

I need to get my booty in gear - there has been a lot more interest then I expected!! A very happy surprise! :)

Thanks for your interest Nadine! :)

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