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putting 'off plan' on food diary?


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I had a day off plan today, but I'm only 1.5 weeks in :(
It was my niece's second birthday, so we had both lunch (buffet sandwiches, crisps, cakes and so on) birthday cake, and dinner (deep fat fried chips and a chicken and bacon sandwich on white bread) at theirs.

I have no idea how many syns. I have to fill in my food diary, will my consultant understand? We went out with my niece and family yesterday and I was perfect all day, so I managed to limit it to one day not two.

Anyone else had an off plan day so early on?
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Hi there,

I think there are more people than you would imagine who have off days at the beginning. I did in the first couple of weeks as i found it hard to adjust. What i will say is don't let the guilt overcome you. Accept the day for what it was and move on. Guilt is wasted. Your consultant should understand, you are human after all.

In future, when you have a day like that coming up, maybe make some buffet food of your own to take like making a sandwich from your healthy extra allowance, cut some fruit or veg up and take that. Also make up some pasta you can have cold and bring it along. When your with your family, you wont need to worry about how it looks and you will feel so much better for it. Plus, you can make it food you like and that means you will enjoy it more :)


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i would just be honest hun as u r human and yeah i did the same i actually went to my mums in the first week (only see her once every few eeks if that) and she always does a buffet, well i made a sandwhich out of my he allowance , ate that then ate everything else lol! mainly cos other familt were there and jept going on at me and i felt bad bout not having stuff, stupid i know.but i wouldnt worry, i had crisps and snadwiches and cake and still lost 2lb on that week, lucky i know cos now if i go off track at all i put on so easy! xxxxxxxxxx


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sorry for spelling also i have my 5 year old son sat on me lol =] xxxxxx
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You're often going to have days like these. It's how we deal with them that matters. Like Nemesis82 said take something you can eat with you.

I find it easier if I eat beforehand & I also take Alpen light or similar with me.

Of course your consultant will understand, she may have ways on which you can deal with this type of situation better next time.
Just be honest - sometimes its impossible to stick to plan - especially at the beginning as your friends and family are not used to you eating differently - and neither are you! One day will not make a huge amount of difference to your loss and maybe your consultant can give you tips on how to make more SW friendly choices the next time when you go to group?


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I got through the day out on friday by taking my own food, so managed to limit it to one day. TBH, I don't feel guilty. I wasn't out of control eating, I made the choice rather than having a crazy binge like I usually would. It's not likely that we'll have that sort of thing again, I always take food with me when we're just going round for the evening or whatever. Oh well, her birthday is only one day a year, and its all done now. Back on plan without any issues today :) Just have to wait and see what the scales decide.
thanks girls


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Im planning to have an off day at the end of the month lol actually, not a whole day-just a meal. We are human and we cant eat healthy every meal for the rest of our lives. That isnt was reality holds.

Just concentrate on today and the next meal.. You will continue to lose weight that way.

Enjoy the yummy food you had, but dont do it too often! Lol


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Be totally honest - your food diary isn't 'homework', it's the easiest way for your C to see your eating habits and guide you in the right direction :) Ask her to explain the correct use of 'flexi syns' to you for future special occasions :) xx


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Be honest - in my opinion there is always going to be parties, birthdays etc so you have to include them!! I dont overly watch what I eat at these 'do's' but do pick the wholemeal over the white and the sausages rather than sausage roll if you understand!! Lets us know how you get on though - I have 'treat night' once a week after my slimming class (Mostly chinese for tea!!) and it usually does me for the week then so its kind of the same thing :) Ha!! xx


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Yes - i even write what i've eaten down - at least it shows I'm being honest - and it's there in black and white!

We have to live and that does mean going to kid's birthday parties - hope you enjoyed! It sounded like great fun!!

It's better to have a lovely day rather than sit there with a face on because you are depriving yourself a bit of birthday cake!! Enjoy it - and then move on!!

I've got quite a few things on in work next week - which involves a lot of lovely food. I'm going to be as good as I can but if I need to have some buffet food - I will... these days don't happen all the time, so every once in a while it's not going to kill me to go off plan... lol


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You don't 'have to' fill in a food diary, as Mojomcl said, it's not homework but a tool for your C to see how you're doing! We all have days that throw us, don't feel guilty about them, enjoy them for what they are 'one offs' xx


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I wrote 'off plan due to being at niece's birthday party and not able to make my own food'. If I gain, I gain. I would have definately had a 'face on' ;) if I'd had to sit through all the nice food with nothing to eat, and would have hated being there.

It'll all be fine :)

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