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Hi all
This is a new "team" we have started up as there seems to be a few of us just starting who have a long journey ahead of us -we are talking 6,7,8 stone and beyond here :p..
So roll up, roll up and lets get started .....

Out here in Germany they call "plus size" clothing "Queen size" -so we are aiming to go from "queen size to Princess"
I will start up with a bit about myself...
Im 38 and live out here with hubby -who is in the army,
I love to cook (now working my way through the SW books :D) and I love to cross stitch .....
I have tried every diet many times but I haven't done SW since I was 14 -and so far Im really enjoying it :)
So, come on folks.... join in and lets start our journey :D
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Hi capricorn, IM IN! this is going to be a really great team.

Il tell you about myself too, i am 27, married and am living in North west, hubby used to be in the army too and is possibly going back in soon. Eek! He too used to live in germany, for five years!

Im a student nurse now, after ten years of working in property! Really need to shift the flab, and have decided that sw is the way for me. Have tried so many fad, quick fix diets and was successful but then put weight straight back on, so i am now doing it the slow, healthy and sensible way.....Even if it takes me two years. xx
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Ps.to kick us off, how about we set ourselves a challenge? what do you think, a goal weight loss for the next four weeks, or a mini one until the end of the month? xx
As you already know I am definitely in too!
I'll tell you a little about myself, I've just turned twenty and have been overweight for my whole teenage years, the idea of motherhood in the next 5 years or so is lovely and working in a maternity unit I am determined not to be one of the "high risk" ladies because they are morbidly obese! You know how it goes I'm sure!
I've tried a few diets when I was 16/17 bit have never been so determined as I am now.
I hope I can provide support as much as I will rely on all you ladies for support :)
a mini challenge sounds great although you guys seem to be having lovely big losses,I'm a bot worried I won't be able to keep up!


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Off course you will keep up, your having just as good weight losses! I would like to see a baby on my horizon in the next few years, and i am losing weight partly becuase i dont want to be in the high risk ward either! I feel really determined too, although i do have days where i lose my motivation somewhat! but i am hoping that our little team is going to be an opportunity for us all to get each other through those crappy days! xx
Ahh bless you :) I'm hoping it will be just that! Although most of the time weekdays are fine for ne because I'm at work, have my food routine and don't eat anything bad and fill my days with superfree foods as snacks etc but it's the weekends that get me, so I tend to have things that feel 'naughty' at the weekend, like sw burger and chips with salad or something like that, makes me feel like I'm not missing out! Funny how the mind works like that isn't it?! Xxx
:happy096: we have a group :happy096:

How spooky... Me n hubby have been married 8yrs this August and have been trying for a littly since then -but with no luck :mad: -we fall into the "unexplained infertility" group -No obvious reason -just "one of those things" -although Im not daft enough to not realise my weight certainly isn't helping;) (although I have been lighter whilst we have been trying),,,
So I have decided I need to get this wobble shifted once and for all -even if it doesn't result in a baby-its still worth doing... and Im sure that with a group of folks with similar goals -we will do fine :bliss:
Losc-my hubby is out at the end of next year -he will have done 27years then (he got extended for 5 years) -I love it and Im not really looking forward to moving back to the UK -but at least I will be closer to family then..what did your hubby do?

I think a mini goal would be a good start...it doesn't matter who loses what -we will all get there in the end!
I think my loss this week was probably because of the shock my body got from me getting of my backside :p

oooohhh ladies -we are on our way :D


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Gosh this is so spooky isnt it, we all have really similar goals. Fab, this makes me even more certain that we can really spur each other on. My hubby was in the rifles, he loved it, he was based in padderbon. Lovely place germany. He left cos we wanted to do a bit of travelling etc and find our feet, but he keeps hankering back to it, and after a long convo last night, he has decided he is gonna look into signing back up. But well see, he has a good career out of the army, works for himself and earns more, but i think he should look into it, even if that means he decides against it.

I would really like to lose 5lbs over my next two weigh ins, so here goes, how about a mini two week challenge to start us off?

Louise - 5lbs


Loves Norman Reedus
ooh can i join. I used to belong to another group but had dropped out when i stopped doing SW. but i am back now. I want to lose about 5 stone.
Tara40- welcome, of course you can join, the more the merrier! having a mini challenge over the next two weeks xx
Woo hoo Tara -welcome on board :D

Louise -my hubby has spent most of his career in Germany (not that you would know with his German :8855:-mind before we got together he got by on "another beer please" and " gyros with chips, tzatziki n chilies please...what more did a single bloke need!!!) -Padderborn was his fave place -we aren't all that far from it now -we are Bielefeld... they are down scaling everything at the moment aren't they -eventually aiming to get everyone out of Germany :eek:

Sorry back to the important things.... I will set my mini target for the next 2 weeks at 4lbs -to get me my 1.5st -it won't fit in my signature so I will just have to keep sticking it at the bottom of every post ..
Ooooh Im feeling more supported allready :D
Hahaha that is so funny, my hubby too, he knew the essentials and that was it. The single life eh, Beer, Steak and Taxi! Oh and the sunbed chairs! Yeah i think its a shame everyone is gonna be out of germany soon ish, its lovely. I can imagaine youll be sad to leave it, but yeah, its lovely to be back with family when you do get home. I feel more supported too: Il update our tiny list then

Louise - 5lbs
Capricorn - 4lbs

I'm so looking forward to my journey with you girls, you all sound so positive I think it's just what I need! I'm going to aim for 5 pounds over my next two weigh ins I think, that will give me my stone award :)
Me too corsacar, im off for a week at the mo and am loving coming on here all day! ha ha, ok il add your name to the list;

Louise - 5lbs
Capricorn- 4lbs
Corsacar - 5lbs

Today is going good so far for me, had lovely brekkie of ww bread with tom, cucc,spring onion and ham/laughing cow, then tuna pasta salad for lunch. Hopefully i can be good for the rest of day! xx
Ohhh sounds lovely! I had a boring breakfast, just porridge! But followed that by a gorgeous tuna salad for lunch!
I know it sounds silly but I never eat anything too 'heavy' until I go to class and get weighed! I'm just paranoid I guess!
Haha I'm spending my say off today on here too! Don't think my other half can work out what I'm doing on the Internet all the time!
Oooh,do you get weighed tonight? let us know how you get on. I get weighed saturday xx
Yup, weigh in in 3 hours! haha i always get nervousbefore being weighed, i think i always will! Will let you know howi get on!


Starting again!
can i join in? i have another 5 stone to loose.
can i set my mini goal at 3.5lbs (to give me my first stone off)
i get weighed tonight (6.30), but had a bad week so i might have to up that later :p


Starting again!
ooo i forgot, a little about me - im Libby, im 22 and live with my boyfriend and our little girl who is now 19 months. we are also TTC number 2.
i would say i have always been big, but looking back on it when i was 15 i lost loads of weight and was size 12 on bottom and 8/10 on top (even tho i thought i was huge at the time :s i think i had some issues lol)

since moving from home and having my baby i have put on a load of unwanted weight so nows the time its gotta go!!
Hi freyasmommy, welcome to our little team! I will add your name to the list! I was exactly the same, was really slim in my teens but thought i was huge! if only i could be that size now! Good luck for your weigh in tonight, hope it goes well xx

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