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Queenie's Diet Blog

New beginnings

Tarot Card Ten of Wands

Everything now settled and in place. Cycle complete and order can be maintained. A gathering of all pieces and putting them away in completion. No more discussion, it is done and finalized. A monument to hard work materializes and stands testament to perseverance. What was begun is now done.

Yesterday made a menu planner and shopping list based on the veggie food planner on SW site.

Went shopping and hopefully set up for the week.

Today's tarot mirrors how I'm feeling. Not so much over burderned - but having gathered all my components into place.

Yesterday ate well, didn't feel hungry and had to nudge myself to eat an Alpen Light bar to get some 'syns'.

This week will be easier as I'm on leave and can spend sometime pottering around in the kitchen, cooking from scratch.

Not able to do much in terms of exercise as I've had a racking cough and all the muscles around my diaphram are hurting like *******, but exercise is something that I can start building in later in the week. Rome not being built in a day and all.

In my intro post I wrote how 12 and 1/2 stone has been my heaviest weight. However over the last few months I've past that marker and am now weighing in a 14 and 1/2 stone.

Pyschologically speaking it's a blow. My goal weight has always been 9 and 1/2 stone. The lowest I've ever been is 10 and 1/2 stone. It means I'm now looking to lose 5 stone, where in the past at my heaviest I was looking at having to lose 3 stone. Those additional couple of stone look and feel quite intimidating.

But journey's start with a single step. I've been wanting to get to class, but I'm currently between jobs at the moment. I'm a youth worker and I worked alongside a vol org which has no withdrawn from delivering youth work. But I've now got an exciting secondment opportunity to another vol org, with an excellent reputation for youth participation and a really exciting new project to develop and one stop shop info and advice shop.

At the moment I'm not sure when and where I'll be working on a day to day basis, so it's hard to commit to a particular class. Hopefully this will only last for a couple of weeks until I get a new operational base. But I decided to go for it, bought the July copy of SW magazine, dusted off my SW books and made a start. I think its the right choice if I left it another month, who knows I could be 15 stone something we even more to travel on my weight loss journey.

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On a mission
Hiya Queenie

Good luck with your dieting journey, take one step at a time, thats what I'm doing as I've got over 6st to lose, you know that there is a lot of support on this site if ever you need a question answered or just need some support along the way, take one day at a time. Boo x
Hiya Queenie

Good luck with your dieting journey, take one step at a time, thats what I'm doing as I've got over 6st to lose, you know that there is a lot of support on this site if ever you need a question answered or just need some support along the way, take one day at a time. Boo x
Cheers Boo. The site looks really supportive, so looking forward to being here.

Today's been a lovely day. I've pottered around and cooked up a storm.

Made the SW quiche which was a bit soggy. Not sure were I went wrong. I didn't wait for the Pasta & Sauce to cool? Really would like to have a go at making mini ones for snacking.

Made a big pot of potato/onion and sweet corn chowder.

Been searching through the site and looking up some yummy recipies.



Serial Foodie!
the chowder sounds good queenie :D gld to see you doing a blog, will be great to see what you are up to (not that im nosey or anything!) have a fab day. xxx
Thanks Karen, i'll be glad when I can get on my wii fit. I'm a slow loser, combination of being on LARC, Anti D's and having PCOS. I just don't lose weight very quickly so really need the exercise to boost me.

Naughty Queenie it's lunch time and we've not eaten brekkie. Get arse off comp and go eat!!!

Good Luck hun Im sure you will do great.. I didnt realise how much weight id put on myself until my first class last week.. but Im determined to lose alot and im excited for the future xx
Thanks Stacey. The future is exciting. Am looking forward to dropping each dress size and shedding each stone. Good luck with your weight loss too.

Three of Cups
Return of old friends. Deep friendships and romantic attachments are possible. Pregnancy or new member of the family. A celebration. Happiness and light. Be happy in this moment and enjoy life. No worries in sight. Gatherings and focus on family and friends. Positive energies surrounding you and those around you. A person in love with two people at the same time.

Yesterday was a lovely day. Caught up properly with an old friend, who used to be part of a group I was inolved in (a pagan learning circle). The group imploded last year and I've not had the opportunity to discuss the implosion with her, but that's been put to rights.

Still sticking to the plan 100%. Not feeling deprived and loving my 'new' breakfast regime of fruit and muller light.

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Today, other than brekkie which was strawberries and muller. I've cooked every meal from scratch. Made a lovely carrot and corriander soup and i've got a bulghur wheat chilli bubbling away on the stove.


Serial Foodie!
its fab u r enjoying it all queenie. it is a great diet. im loving the fruit salad and onken. frankie, im loving just eating loads of whatever i want lol
It's nice to know that there is always a sensible snacking option.

Five of Wands
Change of course. Reorganization is needed. Seek out others to help you in reaching your goals. Listen to other's advice. Possible to rely soundly on others now to help you. Teamwork. A new challenge for you and your team. New issues have come into focus and need to be organized and put into proper perspective. Project experienced a setback, but it is now time to regroup and get back to work.

Mmm lots of wands this week and wands are all about...doing!

Had a lovely day, skipped brekkie as we were up and out before 8 am today to hit the car boot sales.

Got home and made a lovely cous cous salad. Dedicded to spend some extra sins on an additional 250mls of milk as I really like quite milky coffee and have been finding the HexA a little bit sparse. My have to get some fruit teas to ring the changes, as I do drink a lot of coffee and that stretches my milk rations.



Pea on legs!
Hi Queenie - I cut down on coffee last year, as we have a coffee bar at work and I have a Tassimo at home - I was averaging 5 large coffees a day.

Anyway, I don't like milk, don't drink black tea and didn't really like fruit/herbal teas, so I was a bit stuck!

I experimented with lots of different teas and now drink lots of green tea, with lemon, peppermint, ginseng or citrus - I love it! Maybe you could give them a try? I usually buy Twinings or Clipper as I find them the nicest.
Yeah I think fruit teas are the way to go. But green tea is really good for you so I might have to pick up a box when I go shopping.



Serial Foodie!
green tea is lovely and it doesnt detract from your water intake so its even better. you seem to be enjoying the plan. Your salad sounds good. I have loads of wholegrain cous cous in the cupboard and will have to learn how to make it lol.
Oh cous cous is dead simple - just bung hot water on it for about 4 mins, then fluff up with a fork. I'm not the gods' gift to cooking so this is one of my staples.
Citrus green tea is lush. Slurpy nom nom nom.
Funny hubby cooked sausage and mash the other night. Only he used the blending wand on the hand held mixer and wondered why it ended up the consitency of soup.

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