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Question about Kiwi Fruit Sorbet


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I'm hoping someone can help me fathom something out.

On the slimming world website I found a recipie for Kiwi Fruit sorbet. Yum I thought...

The ingredients are:

4 ripe kiwi fruit + slices to decorate
2 limes
2 tbsp granulated artificial sweetener
1 large egg white

all you do is mash up the kiwi fruit, add the rest and freeze. Ok it's a bit more technical than that, but thats the basics of it.

What I can't understand is why it's 4 syns for the whole thing - or 1 syn per serving.

There's no cooking involved, all the ingredients are free foods..

can anyone enlighten me please?

I'm not making it until I can get it to be syn free LOL
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I dont know why but if you mush fruit or cook it in any way it is not free any more sounds silly I know but I think by mushing it, it becomes syns.


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I think it is to do with the fact that the fruit is crushed. Once it is crushed or cooked it acquires sins. I am assuming that it to do with the sugars (or sommatt! :rolleyes:)

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me will come along!



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Hmmm, I can't really put them in the sorbet whole can I? LOL

It seems a bit odd, because as soon as you put them in your mouth they go mushy.. ah well. Maybe I could reduce the syn value by just putting two kiwi fruits in instead. Although it might be a bit weak tasting. I'll have to give it a try. I know if I make it with 4 kiwi fruits, I'll eat it all LOL... I'd rather spend 4 syns on something else.


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Our consultant told us that mashed up food becomes syns because your body doesn't have to work to digest it as it would on whole foods, sort of understand it, but then we can have mashed potaoes and they aren't syns, Doh. xxx


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Copy and pasted from the FAQ section of the Slimming World website:

Q: Why are some fruits Free when raw, but have a Syn value when cooked, juiced or pureed?

A: While fruit in its natural form is bulky, filling and often time-consuming to eat, in cooked or liquidised form it is a very effective way of adding a lot of extra energy (calories) in a non-bulky and non-filling way. Consider eating an orange. Peeling, breaking up the segments and eating just one orange can be a lengthy process. Now think about the juice that orange would produce – it contains a similar number of calories, yet it’s gone in a gulp – in fact it takes 8 oranges to make a small glass of orange juice and it’s not filling in the slightest! It’s all about getting the most (optimum) satisfaction from your foods with Food Optimising. We count juiced and cooked fruit as Syns to protect your weight losses.

Hope that helps.

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