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  1. Dancing

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    I'm only in week 3 but even when I started I had questions in my head about management.

    I have somewhere between 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 stone left to lose (I'll know when I get there) and won't have done that by the time I finish my 100 days.

    I fly out for a five week holiday on my 100th day and will continue with packs for the first two weeks of Development. However, I will be home in NZ for the first time in years and I will be in Australia with my family. It will be Christmas and I WANT to eat. It is my choice and I will not go wild but some of the food I will eat will not be of the low GI variety etc.

    My LLC has said she will talk me through Management before I go so that I can do that while I am away and then return to Development after my holiday.

    So, my question is, how will that work for me? Has it been explained to those of you on Management, WHY food is introduced so slowly? Is it so that the body can adjust and therefore reduce the likelihood of glycogen converting to fat? Or is it purely to do with our relationship with food?

    I will be starting to eat food about 3 days before Christmas .... how could I possibly have one meal a day plus my packs and yet do management? From what I read I'd be on protein and just introducing skimmed milk.

    So to clarify I think I want to know WHY the food is reintroduced in the way it is.

    Thanks guys
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  3. Cerulean

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    Hi there - you are quite right - it is about the glycogen return - basically for the first 4 weeks you are eating in a way where you are losing 3lbs of fat and returning 1lb of glycogen (approximately) this rate of exchange slows and reverses the further you get through management as you increase yoru meals. It is also to train you in new habits - I have now developed a taste for salad, fruit, veggies and low fat dairy I never had before and have retrained my attitude to savoury foods - I'm having huge issues with sugar, but I'm getting over it and learning all the time. If you just stopped doing abstinence and ate solidly for Christmas week, you would probably put on whatever you lost in the first week of LL which is why you need to do a graduated return.

    So it's part retraining you to have new good habits and part ensuring you don't just pile on all your glycogen at once. I broke abstinence with a sugar frenzy whilst I was recovering from an operation - I was on morphine at the time! And I do wonder if my RtM would have been easier to manage if I had just followed the plan to the letter. See AmandaJayne's management thread for how it works when you do it properly and look at my 1stone weightgain in 6 weeks to see how it goes when you don't ;)
  4. Dancing

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    again - thanks for the reply Cerulean.

    I'm hoping I'll be able to control myself for a limited time as I actually eat good food normally (as well as the bread and pizza etc) and love healthy food. I believe I will be able to do things moderately for a three week period (surely I'm not being delusional about that??).

    I can understand that psychologically the reloading of glycogen is best if done slowly. As long as I'm aware of what is going to happen, hopefully that will help me manage my thought processes also.

    I plan of having one meal of 'real' food a day for the three week period and was worried that I'd really be messing with my body if I just started doing that suddenly. Do you think it would be better if I slowly introduced food for the first two week period of my holiday rather than continuing with the packs as I intended?

    perhaps it would be better - I welcome your experienced opinion though.
  5. Goombagirl

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    Hi, don't think I know all the answers but since I've done RtM I'll have a go!

    My understanding of the purpose of the slow reintroduction of food is as follows:

    1) When you've been abstinent for so long it might be a shock to your body to start eating "normally" again.

    2)For many of us, eating "normally" was not a good way to eat!

    3)Since our glycogen stores are depleted, eating 3 meals a day straightaway would mean a fairly swift weight gain - maybe half a stone. While this would not be fat, it may have a bad effect psychologically and cause people to think they'll put loads of weight back on and they've failed yet again. The idea is to reintroduce carbs gradually so you can replenish your glycogen without really noticing. This does work - I lost the first 2 weeks then stayed the same for the next 10.

    4)RtM is an almost once in a lifetime chance to have a clean slate and learn how to eat in a way that is healthy, tasty and sustainable. You can build up new habits. In the old days I would have pasta and sauce with cheese plus a bit of cake for lunch; now I want salad and smoked mackerel then yoghurt and fruit. OK so I still eat cake sometimes and have had a few "incidents" but a lot of my basic eating patterns have changed. I realise it will be a few years until I am thinking like a thin person all the time though.

    5) The programme reintroduces common trigger foods like bread/cheese/chocolates on weeks 8-12 so you can try a bit in isolation and gauge how much of a problem these might be for you. By this time I think the idea is that you have started to build up a healthy eating routine so are less likely to go wild!

    6)Going from packs to the whole range of food in a few days would be quite overwhelming; it would be difficult to make sensible choices especially if your previous eating habits had been unhealthy.

    This is my take on it. I can see your situation is tricky. You don't need to make any decisions now but it's wise to think about it in advance. It will probably boil down to short term/long term aims - do you want to enjoy Christmas with your family (and eating has always been a way of enjoying Christmas in the past) or do you want to maximise your chances of being permanently slim and healthy? I would instinctively choose the former but would also want the latter. It is possible to enjoy yourself without food - I went skiing on week 7 and kept abstinent although gorgeous French food had always been an intrinsic part of the holiday in the past for me. I made a choice and it was good. And there will be times in the future when I can eat French food! I gather from posts on here that it isn't easy to stop and start with packs. It's possible but difficult - you don't know until you try. Another thought - you might think 1 meal of protein a day is no fun but I really enjoyed the first few weeks of management and positively didn't want the other foods as I felt so healthy and good about myself.

    Good luck with foundation and your plans for Christmas - it really is a difficult situation as Christmas is so bound up with (over)eating. I hope it works out well for you.
  6. Dancing

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    Thanks Goombagirl,

    That helps me get it straight in my head.
    And maybe it is something I'll work on as I progress through Foundation but I guess I have in my head a desire to have some food that reminds me of NZ - alot of it will be healthy and some won't be (nothing like the best fish and chips you could possibly have or a lovely hangi (meat and veg. cooked in the ground) as it has been 12 years since I lived there and 6 since my last brief visit.

    As I'm writing this I'm realising it is a way for me to feel emotionally connected with the place again. Yes of course I can enjoy myself without "normal" food but there is a strong emotional draw for me to just relax (but not be unguarded) around food while I am in NZ. While I'm with my family for my final week of my holiday - I could just have my packs - it would be difficult for them to understand but I don't have such an emotional feeling about doing it.

    Hmmmm ... food for thought, so to speak.

    I'll just plod on for now and see how I'm feeling toward the end of foundation.

    Thanks to those who have replied on this topic - it has helped.
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