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Question about milk

Hi everyone

When I first joined ww (years ago, lol) I remember I used to point everything as per the book - ie, 1 slice of medium bread as 1 point, half a pint of skimmed milk 2 points etc. Last year, I discovered that most (if not all!) of the medium slices of bread actually work out at 1.5 points per slice rather than 1, so ever since I've found that out on my points calculator that's how I've pointed it - as per my calculator.

This morning, I discovered that 200ml of semi skimmed milk is 2 points, but the eat wisely booklet says you can have half a pint (nearly 300mls!) for 2 points! That would make half a pint of skimmed milk nearer to 3 points than to 2 points! :eek:

I just wondered how everyone else pointed their milk...do you do it by the ww book, or by the ww calculator?

It can work out at quite a difference, because some days I'd have 1/2pt of milk for tea and coffee, plus another 1/4 pint for cereal. According to the ww booklet, that would work out at 3 points (which is how I've always pointed it) but according to the ww calculator it would work out more like 4-4.5 points!

I think I will have to check EVERYTHING from now on....a few mistakes like that every day could make all the difference!
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If I remember rightly (my sis was a WW leader for years) WW deliberately understated the number of points in milk to encourage us to drink our pint a day becuase it's full of good stuff. I use skimmed and call it a point for a half pint.
Wow, thanks Nixx, I had no idea they did that!! That's a bit naughty isn't it.

I started using skimmed milk myself, then someone on here (I think it was Starlight) recommended 'The One' milk, which she said was the same points as skimmed milk but tasted much better (she was right, it does taste much better - more like semi skimmed than skimmed) but that's how I discovered the difference in points, because I double checked the point in The One milk and found it was 1.5pts for 200ml when I'd always counted a whole half a pint of skimmed as 1pt!


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I've had nothing but skimmed for blimmin years, since I started WW when I was 18 (a long time ago!). About a month ago, my OH did some shopping (shock, horror) and brought semi. I reluctantly used it on my porridge and OMG it was fabulous. Tasted soooo much better. If The One is that good, I'll have to give it a try, thanks for that! If I'm honest, I KNOW skimmed is just white water!
The One milk is definitely much better than skimmed, it actually looks like milk for a start, lol! I'm not sure how it compares to skimmed milk as far as points are concerned now though, because Ive never worked out skimmed on my calculator before. It'd be interesting to find out though...

Does anyone know how many cals and sat fat there are in 100mls of skimmed milk? I think The One milk is 40 calories and 0.6 sat fat per 100mls.

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