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Question about milk

As a H X A I sometimes have 350mls of skimmed milk to have with 2 weetabix as a B. I Don't drink tea or coffee so unless I'm having scrambled eggs then theres nothing else I can use the milk in. I can't drink it on it's own, don't like it.

So what I was wondering was, is it ok to have milk as a H X A once every 2 days and leave some for the following day? Like have 350mls on a Monday, use half and then use the other half Tuesday? Would this affect my weight loss do you think?

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well technically it is meant to be for the day, but much like flexisyns I think you are ok as long as you make sure you aren't over for the week.

Or is there any other way I can use the milk up? The onyl way I can think is if I use it on 2 lots of cereal or in eggs and I dont always wants those.


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No, you can't spread the HE's over another day. What else are you having as a HE A? You could switch to semi skimmed and use less or just use less of the skimmed. You don't have to use it all up, you can have less but you can't save any up and have extra on another day.

Nanny Jax

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Claire, a pint of skimmed milk is 9 syns why not have a pint a week for your cereals and choose cheese as your HX A each day because you do need the calcium. Hope this helps, Jax
I think you should start each day a fresh,
Dont worry if you dont use it all just remember to have cheese or something to boost you calcium levels.

Ruthy xxx
I've been having cheese as my other H ex A, either babybel lights or laughing cow or cottage cheese.

Think I might do as nanny jax suggested and use a pint a week as syns. Also do you have to have 2 A sections because some days one would be enough really! I know you should have 2 B's for the fibre but I'm also eating 1 or 2 muller lights every day so I'm getting calcium from that, so is it really necessary to have 2?


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It can be one or two. Cottage cheese is free on green.

If you aren't using all the milk have a couple of extra cheeses
Dont worry too much about it hun.
Ruthy xxx

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