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  1. Gem85

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    Hi all ,

    I was wondering if you could help me , I have recently changed Slimming World group and am confused about SYNS.

    My leader before encouraged us to use our syns , she said that they were part of the plan and would not hinder our weight loss ( as long as we stuck to 15 a day)

    My current leader now says that if we want to loose weight quickly we should try not to use the syns ....

    I personally like having my little treat everyday , but I worry now that its going to hinder me ..

    This is only my second week , so I cant really tell yet if having them is effecting my weight loss..

    Any advice would be very much appreciated !

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  3. Caz can do it

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    I think that they syns are there to be eaten! It's part if the plan so you should use them. If you don't eat them when you need to use them for something a bit naughty it won't work if you haven't used them every day.

    I was eating around 11 syns a day last week and lost 10 lbs so can't be that bad.

    week one- 17 1/2 pounds week two- 4 1/2 lbs week three- no weigh in week four- 11 lbs week 5- 5 1/2 lbs week 6- 4 lbs week 7- 1 lb week 8- 10 lbs week 9- 4.5 lbs week 10- 3.5 lbs wk 11- 2 lbs wk12- 6.5 lbs wk 13- 2.5 lbs wk 14- 2.5 lbs wk 17- 3.5 lbs wk 18 - 5 lbs week 19 - 5.5 lbs week 21 - 1.5 + week 22 - 4 lbs week 25 - 2.5 lbs week 28 - 1.5 lbs
  4. AnnaFaraday

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    I would suggest that you ignore your consultant and go by what is in your books - that is the official SW plan, which she should be sticking to.
  5. Willbeslimjen

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    Hi I can't believe a consultant is saying this to you. it's psychological use your syns so you dint feel deprived. There are also numerous stories of people's weight loss slowing down when they don't use their syns. In fact I think I would think about jiving groups if you can because that's a big thing to get wrong. I would pull her up on it maybe she didn't mean it that way?
  6. lentil2

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    I definitely lose weight better if I keep my syns between 7 and 10 per day rather than using the full 15.
    Are you sure your consultant wasn't suggesting that some people may benefit from reducing their syn intake rather than cutting them out altogether?
  7. Fuchsbau

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    This is a really interesting question and one I kept wondering about when I used to attend group.

    I used to attend group when I was with SW before I got married, and my consultant encouraged us to use syns so that we would not feel deprived. Also, she explained that if you don't syn for a long time, but then eventually start to eat synned foods, which is inevitable (even in limited amounts), you may show a gain because your body is not so used to it. I know that all the group members used their syns as per the plan and had respectable weight losses (between 2-4 lbs each week ). During that time, I was getting ready to get married, so I went into overdrive lol and on most days had little to no syns (max. 5 per day), despite her advice. I otherwise ate very, very well. My weight loss each week was around the same as the group average (2-4 lbs each week), although I was mostly near the top-end of the group. After I got married I kind of stopped eating according to the SW plan*

    But yay, I have started the plan again and (now that the wedding panic is over) I AM using my syns. It's only been a few weeks but I AM having similar losses as before!

    Conclusion: I'm pretty sure I was unnecessarily depriving myself of syns before...

    (As for exercise, mine has always been light - walking to work (approx 30 mins, 3 times a week).)

    * = one amazing thing I noticed when I 'fell off the SW plan' is that I didn't really fall off..! My eating habits and preferences had completely changed, it was almost like I'd re-programmed myself and I no longer actually craved things that were unhealthy. I craved fruit and veg and well-made nutritious meals - instead of sweets and snacks. Whenever I did have something naughty, I would actually be content with a very small amount, and not want to completely indulge! With other plans I had tried before, as soon as you stop them, the weight stacks back on pretty fast and the old cravings come flooding back with no control. With SW, the weight stayyyyyed offff for a long time! Super impressed.
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