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Question bout weight and going the toilet....

Hi sorry if TMI! :rolleyes:
From start of diet i have always weighed in after having a wee, however for last few mornings shortly after this i have needed a number 2 so have re weighed after and every single time i have weighed more than before having bowels open......... what the hell? i don't get it :mad:. I always go off heavier weight and input that. Has anyone else had this happen to them? :confused:
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Can't say I've ever tried that. My OH has seen an increase or a loss after a shower!

Are your scales reliable?
I haven't tried that either. But I normally weigh first thing after a wee and if I wait just a short time and weigh again my weight goes up. It may have something to do with standing on your feet for a little while after lying down all night? I have no idea but that is what I thought.:confused:
I always weigh after number 2 and it goes down (up to 2lbs sometimes, ewww!) no idea why yours would go up! But yeah sometimes I weight, then weigh again an hour or so later and it's gone up even when I haven't eaten or drunk anything so could be to do with being up for a little while?
Oh well i'm a weirdo lol yeah maybe it is just coz i've been up and about for a while. Scales seem fine just frustrating that yesterday i was 11.1.1 then today it was 11.0.0 on first weigh in but when re weighed i was 11.1.4 but thought best to input (on the Dukan site daily report) the heavier weight :-(
being slightly obessive on the scale front myself - i too have experienced either a heavier weight gain after a no.2 or staying the same.. def think its something to do with having been up and about for a little while - as have def noticed the best lowest weight always comes from weighing immediately after you get up (after your morning wee of course ;-)...)


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I have, just a few times, tried weighing myself a short time later (say an hour) and it NEVER worked. Stick with your first weight in the morning and don't worry about the rest! However, make sure you trust your scales, I need to step on them at least twice in succession, and they usually agree ;-)
What I don't understand is how I can loose a kilo overnight! If I step on the scales at 11pm it always a kilo higher than the weight next morning after a wee!

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