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Question For All Those Who Have Experienced Huge Weight Loss With Cd

Hi there,

Before I start I just want to apologise if this post offends anybody as I understand that this is a very personal question:eek:. For those of you who have enjoyed big weight loss do you suffer from excess skin? I am really worried about this and this is why I ask. As a lot of you have lost weight really quickly i wondered if this is a problem.

I have to say im quite enjoying this diet apart from aching all over and feeling really really tired. I really think that removing food from the equation is the answer for me. Im not allowed to make bad food choices and i understand now the concept of portion sizes, no longer do i laugh at serves one portions. Because I am finding it easyish im looking at the reward and the problems that make arise from losing lots of weight quickly. Getting ahead of myself really I have my first proper weigh in tomorrow. Im hoping for good results I have stuck to this plan 200% so im hope that is going to be rewarded.

Hope you all have a good day!!!!:D
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Hi Everchangingme

If you do a quick search on this site for Excess skin there are a few threads that will come up. Everyone has different experiences of this and of course depends on your body shape and what you have to lose, I personally have lost nearly 6 stone and apart form my boobs looking better then my spaniels ears i have lose skin around my thighs and the tops of my arms. Other than that no big deal, i have spent money on all the recommended stuff and drank the water, but i think we have to take this on the chin, good luck with your journey it is an extreme thing to do but gives fabulous results. xxx
Doh!!! :eek: Have only just worked out how to search lol Thanks for taking the time to answer :D


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I have been really worried about being left with a huge amount of saggy skin as when I started I had 6 stone to shift - so far I am 5st 6 down and have gone from a size 24 to 14. I thought that I would end up with loads of excess skin but in fact I don't really have much apart from on the belly which looks a little a bit wobbly but then all my slim friends bellies look the same apart from one who is a hardcore gym bunny and has abs of steel but she does do 200 crunches a day aswell as a gym workout :p.

My arms look loads better now they are less bulky and although I do have some bingo action but even still I prefer my arms much more as they are now when they were before. My boobs have decreased a cup size (small price to pay for slimdom :)) so they just look smaller but no real difference really - they always were a bit droopy :rolleyes:.

My Mum was really panicking about the skin on my legs as I have always been a big girl in the hip and thigh area. The skin does look a little saggy but I feel that this will probably improve with some regular exercise/toning techniques - it turns out that underneath my bulk I am actually quite muscly :eek: must be due to my muscles having to lug around my bulk for such a long time!

I have not done much exercise while on SS/790 as it left me feeling over-tired but I am trying to introduce regular more strucured exercise now I am moving up the plans to help with toning up in general.

In terms of how your skin will react to weight loss it really does vary in response to a number of factors including age, amount of weight to lose, how you carry your weight etc. All you can do is make sure you drink plenty of water and moisturise regularly and see what happens - I have found the body shop body butters are a great 24 hour moisturiser. Apparently after a large weight loss your skin can take up to a year to catch up so make sure that even when you have got to goal you keep up with the moisturising and :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:.

Loose/excess skin is a concern but try not to let it worry you too much - I feel so fantastic now I have lost my excess weight and can honestly say that if losing a bit of boobage and having a wobbly belly is the price I have to pay for my slimmer, fitter, healthier, happier, more confident me it is a price I am more than willing to pay.
Im sure being skinner will be woth a little excess skin and if all else fails i suppose if its that bad I can have surgery. I have to admit that this is the first diet i have started when i have been able to see the outcome I can really picture myself thinner. Im sooooooooooooooo excited and the storys of everybodys journey on here has been a real inspiration.
Its down to loads of different issues to be honest, your age, your weight to start with, whether you have yo yo diet for years and stretch shrunk stretched ect there is no definate answer. For me personally i have alot of excess skin, i lost nearly 7 stone fell pregnant gained five and now back to original weight when stopped diet, i have 6 children and my body has gone through 10 pregnancies, at my heaviest i was 20 stone 7lbs and now am 13stone 12lb. I have a lovely apron of skin and the top of my legs have excess skin but to be honest i prefer to have excess skin than be 20stone again. I drink 4 litres of water a day and moisturise but i feel that my skin is not going to change now and ill just have to wear magic knickers if it bothers me that much.

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When I initially lost me weight, I lost 102 lbs (7st 4lbs), and when I first finished I did have loose skin at the backs of my arms, under my chin, and a little around my stomach. Luckily for me, I seemed to have decent elasticity in my skin and the copious amounts of water I drank meant that it was not too bad. It was there though.

18 months later, and plenty of exercise done, it is no longer an issue - it has all but gone. I still have areas there the skin is "Looser" than in others, but I would not say it is saggy skin anymore. I do have stretch-marks at the tops of my legs though ..... but they are a minor issue.


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You could always use a body-firming lotion and some Bio-Oil to help things along too.

I use both every day, one in the morning the other in the evening, paying attention to the bit in the middle and my thighs!
I have lost a lot of weight slowly ... and I have lost a lot of weight quickly (can you see a yo-yo theme emerging here? :rolleyes: ) and to be honest, both times I had saggy skin. After multiple pregnancies and getting up to 22st (non pregnant!) my poor skin has done all the stretching it's capable of and the elasticity is all but gone.

However, wrinkles, sags and bags are far perferable (and a lot easier to hide) than the excess fat. :)

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