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Question for girlies on the pill...

S: 11st3.0lb C: 11st7.0lb G: 9st7.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: -0st4lb(-2.55%)
Do you find it's affecting your weight loss?

Two things I'm thinking about really.

The pill apparently increases your appetite, which obviously isn't good and can be dangerous!


When you take a break and have your star week, does that affect the result on the scales in a similar way to girls not on the pill? Are we still experiencing changing hormones, water retention and other common symptoms of having the lady visitor in?!

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. I've been on the pill for years and years. Whilst I think I've got a good handle on the appetite thing, I am trying to work out whether, as I'm on my break week but not actually 'on' yet, if that may be a reason for my poor loss this week...

Thanks all :)

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I think its probably an 'individual' thing, just like it is for people not on the pill. If you see a pattern emerging, ie every so often a poor loss or a gain, then it probably is something to do with your cycle.
I take the pill and I don't see any pattern with losses and gains...my gains are always because I've eaten the wrong things!!!
A few years ago, I come off the pill in the hope that the weight would drop off me, but it didn't. I found it just as hard to lose weight as I did when on the pill.....we are all different though.


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S: 14st13lb C: 10st13lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 24 Loss: 4st0lb(26.79%)
Hellie- I've been thinking similar thoughts recently about the pill and how it might be effecting me on SW.

Also I have been VERY forgetful for a while now and sometimes dont take my pill for 2 or 3 days (which really annoys me as I know only I'm to blame!) then my period starts and then I carry on finishing the packet of pills and then have another period, it's doing my head in and coincidentally my losses have been rubbish recently too! BUT I am also fully aware that I have been over-synning as well! So I'm not sure what to do...

I've even thought about coming off the pill for a while (I've been on the pill nearly non-stop for 10 years now) and I thought about having that injection thing instead BUT I've heard there can be some dodgy side-effects with that- anyone done that before?

As for period pains or PMT, bloating etc, I never suffer from that being on the pill.


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I have had no luck with the pill and i have tried various different kinds. I don't know if it has had any effect on weight gain or if it is just my bad eating, but i started the pill when i was size 10 and 16 years old and from then on my weight increased and i have struggled with it ever since. I had my first baby at 19 and i was nearly 14 st when i fell pregnant. I stopped the pill as i couldn't find one that didn't give me nausea and headaches. After baby 2 i got implant fitted but i just bled constantly for almost a year. I've had it out now.
My gp said that the jag doesn't make you gain, it just increases your appetite and that is what you need to control. I'm stuck in a rut now of what to do, dr won't give me pill due to freaquent migraine attacks and i cant have implant again and i don't want jag ha ha.

Sorry for long winded reply, but at 16 i think that i didn't eat enough to make me gain this amount of weight and i was very active, i used to exercise all the time.
S: 11st0lb C: 10st2lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 24.4 Loss: 0st12lb(7.79%)
I think it affects people differently. I was on the pill for ages (age 14-22) and I did actually gain weight- but, thats just cos i was eating school food! I went off it for a while and didnt notice a difference. then, i went on the implant and I did notice I put on a small amount of weight- but in coincided with me just about to start SW. Skin's been terrible ever since though- really spotty- but I don't have any other choice really as I travel abroad all the time and time-zones can be risky with timings!
However, my mum, who's absolutely tiny- 5ft 8, 8st 9lbs, size 6, went on the pill and she said she put on weight quite rapidly- about 5lbs. came off it again though. interesting to see what other people think though! :-D


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I find my appetite is quite immense some days - and this definatly never used to be the case before I was on the pill. However, with Slimming World - on the days when my appetite is sky-high hopefully if I just eat free foods and fill myself up on them then this should be okay??
S: 11st3.0lb C: 11st7.0lb G: 9st7.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: -0st4lb(-2.55%)
I don't suffer with any of the usual symptoms either Rach. I don't think I bloat particularly, don't get period pains...in fact, I barely have a bleed at all, it lasts about half a day! That's why I thought it couldn't be the reason for not really losing. But then, perhaps it still is?! *confused*


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Hmmm. Tricky one, this.
All I can add is that when I was on the pill I piled on the weight, but this was because I fell pregnant twice while on it!!!!
My daughter was a shock as I didnt know I was having her until I went into labour, and my son I found out about when I was 7 months gone.
Yes, it is true you can have periods while pregnant, resulting in a heart attack(!) when you finally find out why you been eating for two.


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I don't suffer with any of the usual symptoms either Rach. I don't think I bloat particularly, don't get period pains...in fact, I barely have a bleed at all, it lasts about half a day! That's why I thought it couldn't be the reason for not really losing. But then, perhaps it still is?! *confused*
I'm exactly the same, no symptoms and barely a period yet sometimes i do have a small gain that isn't food related so always blame this!! If you know it's not food then it can only be our bodies playing games with us!


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S: 11st9lb C: 11st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 0st8lb(4.91%)
I am going back on the pill after being on the injection which put a stone on me and made my appetite soar - i just didnt stop eating!

I have been on the pill for several years now and changed recently to a mini pill where you do not have a gap - you take it all the time. However i still have * week and i normally bloat massively and retain so much water. These weeks in particular i hardly have weight losses i usually stay the same even if i stick to the plan completely!! There is a sure pattern in my weight loss records to show this.
I think everyone is different but i also think it depends on the type of pill you are taking to!!

Kate xx


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I've been on the pill for about 4 years now.
When i first started it, i was a size 12, when i started taking it I noticed that I never stopped eating, i was always in the fridge looking for something to munch on.
Before I knew it i was a size 16-18 and it just carried on, getting bigger and bigger.
Then I started slimming world...
The weight is falling off.
Back down a 14 now, almost a 12 haha.
Only been with SW since January too :eek:

But there is something quite odd that i've noticed.
The week before * week i always lose 1.5lbs when i usually average out about a 3lb loss.
weird eh? :p


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This is so interesting... I've never really thought about how the pill affects my weight.

Both my sisters don't take it and are size 10's. The only time in 12 years I haven't taken it was when I was pregnant, I was pregnant with twins and only put on 2 stone and lost it without trying within 3 months (wasn't on the pill then either).

When I started the pill I was a size 8 :( oh I wish I was now.... :D

Not sure how it affects sw yet as only been doing it 4 weeks and was my star week in the first week so won't see a trend for a while.

S: 11st3.0lb C: 11st7.0lb G: 9st7.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: -0st4lb(-2.55%)
interesting thoughts everyone!

I guess I should just keep seeing how it goes and whether this time next month I start to notice a pattern...

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