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Question for the ladies..


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Hi everyone. Been feeling off since yesterday and put it down to Atkins flu. Got my period today which coincides with day five of induction and I am suffering. The WORST pain I've had in ages with a thumping headache to boot :cry:.

Please tell me this is a one off and I don't have to expect this every month?:eek:
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I still feel a little worse for wear..I'm exactly the same today...came on on my 5th day of induction hehe.

Plenty of water for me today!


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I feel for you I really do. And the weather's so nice today but I can't muster up the energy to do anything !


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Ugh...its not up north!

Started off lovely....now its grey and miserable...just to match my insides I think!


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its rubbish here too FJ - further south than gateshead until i go home.

I always get totm when i go into ketosis.


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Hopefully it's just an unlucky coincidence ! Next time "Aunt flo" arrives for a visit I hope to be well over the usual sugar cravings and fluid retention and feeling fabby (not so flabby)
Atkins defo plays havoc with your cycle... I have the implant and didn't have a period for 9 months and when I started Atkins I had a two month period!!! So now I'm on cerazette as well as the implant and I'm fine.


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Strange how I haven't heard about this connection before. I wonder why it plays havoc with our cycle? :confused:


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Dunno but can only echo what the others say - I have 2 a month every 3 months or so, but it seems to be sorting itself out now.

I have always wondered if eating meat heats your body up, because this can bring on totm.

Just found this when googling -

"Essential fatty acids (EFAs). Essential for good health, EFAs are particularly important for women with menstrual problems. We need them for the formation of the "friendly" prostag landins that help to case cramping. Particularly rich sources of EFAs are flaxseed (linseed), evening primrose, raw goat's milk and the oil in fatty fish. Enjoy freshly ground linseed sprinkled on you food as an economical and easy way to get these nutrients." - so Mims are the way forward :)


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Agree that atkins seems to somehow confuse the system. I have a mirena and rarely get anything at all but suddenly last month got a 2 week totm - hmmmm
I'm same at the mo , tired , whingy and in horrific pain :( . And if not enough i have woefull sweet cravings too , and i look a few months pregnant :(


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I hadnt seen the connection before, but come to think of it, my periods usually last about 3 days cuz of my pill, but my last one I had for about two weeks.

Damn you atkins, damn you to hell!!!!!! lol!

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