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Question from Canadian.

I have seen the cambridge diet and find it really interesting, but I don't think it is avaliable over here.

What other VLCD are there that I can do over here?

I was contemplating a juice or water fast, but I don't know how that would keep in in keytosis.

Can anyone give me some info? I would really appreciate it alot.
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Hi there. Cambridge is apparently worldwide but I dunno about Canada. Wow, a juice fast, I bet you would feel terribly hungry on that and wouldn't have the ketosis as you say. Also, your vits and minerals may not be gauranteed.

Have you considered SlimFast? I hear you can get a low-carb version in the usa but again I dunno about Canada. Good luck, hope you find something.
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CAmbridge is definately available in the US so I would have thought it was available in Canada. Take a look on the cambridge website in the US, I'm sure they would be able to help you (being on the same continent and all!)
I have tried slim-fast before, with not much for results. I suck at the calorie counting.

I did a juice fast in the summer. The first three days were hard, with the same kind of feelings I hear you get on CD, but then after you get into it you don't get hungry. You miss the taste of food, and the texture, but not the actual eating part. 10lbs the first week! It was really cool, but in the winter I am finding it hard to get back on it. In the summer its so hot I find I naturally eat less and it is easy to segway into the fast.

I did it for 12 days, untill I went camping with my brownie unit, and had no juicer avaliable to make my juice! I haven't gained that weight back, but I just can't seem to get into starting it again. I guess because I have no accountabillity.

I can't find a link or info on where in Canada to find CD, and as far as I can see on the US site, they sell the products, but I have no clue what plan or how to go about it all.
S: 22st3lb C: 21st8lb G: 14st7lb BMI: 44.6 Loss: 0st9lb(2.89%)
I'm sure that one of the CD Counsellors on here will be able to ask head office for any info about the product in Canada, although there was a US site that I think some brits were asked to stop posting on because of causing some confusion but that was back in the Discovery Health days!

Good luck with your search
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I don't think it's wise to fast using a diet that is so lacking in protein. The point of a VLCD is that it is nutritionally sound, providing protein and vitamins to protect your lean muscle mass as much as possible.

Fasting on juice and water will throw your body into starvation mode and you'll lose muscle - the very thing that burns the fat!
Surely there will be a VLCD available in a big country like Canada?
Well Noomie, I used to live in Canada, years ago, and I did a VLCD under the supervision of a doctor. I had packs, just like Cambridge, and the weight loss was on the same level as Cambridge and Lighterlife. Unfortunately I had to stop because of a surprise pregnancy, but I was so impressed that when I came back to England, I sought out a similar diet. I am sure you will find something, it might not be Cambridge or LL but there are similar diets out there. Good luck.

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