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Quick freezer foods

wish i could help but my freezer only has meat meat and more meat, a few bags of frozen veg, some ice lollies and a few bits that i can do quickly for the kids... waffles, mini pizza, a few fish pies.... not very good i know, they are emergency foods lol


Put the kettle on
Making a big batch and freezing in advance is a good idea.

I try to buy cook from frozen meat which makes life a bit easier. There are some birdseye chicken and fish in sauces cook from frozen which i believe are quite low syn. Also frozen veg is good.

I like stuff like baked potatoes, mug shots, and fat free super noodles when i need something quick and easy.
Apart from occasional batch cooking where I would have a few portions of home made curry or perhaps thick soups, I tend to keep packs of Iceland salmon, smoked haddock, boil in the bag kippers etc. in the freezer, which are fairly quick to poach, also frozen berries and a few bags of frozen veg.

Recently though I thought to cook up a complete kilo of brown wholegrain rice in my stockpot, which totally fills the pot when cooked. After cooking I rinsed it well with cold water so it wouldn't stick together, left it overnight to chill in the fridge, then portioned off into thin sandwich bags (about 16 generous portions), and popped them into the freezer. When they were frozen I put the bags into one or two larger 'proper' freezer bags. Thaws really quickly when you need it, so it's very convenient.
I often batch cook meals as I too have hectic days where grabbing something from freezer is so much easier for me. I'm veggie and make big batches of tomatoey pasta sauce, veggie chilli, soups, veggie curry. I also always make double/triple the amount of rice (although not always intentionally lol!) and freeze those leftovers. I live on my own so sometimes tins of stuff like red kidney beans won't be used in one go so freeze the rest, or veg that has been part used gets chopped up and frozen. This can mean making a big batch of veggie chilli can be really easy - grab small bag of frozen chopped onions, bag of kidney beans and other beans, bag of chopped peppers, - all I need to do then is add tinned toms and chilli powder. simples

tin asda chick pea dahl-syn free.
ainsley harriot cous cous some free some 1/2 syn.his lentil dahl is free and lush too. Asda smart price beef curry(tin) 2 .5 syns. baked beans great on jacket spud.Coop tinned lamb rogan josh.Iceland korma/tikka spears or chilli and lime chicken kebabs/garlic and herb king prawn kebabs-all syn free and cook from frozen.
Another thing I do is make a pasta bake using 2 x packets of tomato n herb pasta n sauce thingys, and cooked onions/garlic/peppers/sweetcorn/red kidney or other beans. Mix all together with the boiling water, chuck in oven for 20mins. Top with cheese (HEA allowance per serving), cook for another 10mins or so.

I find this makes 4 portions. I tend to make on a Sunday (like today!) so have one portion then, one for lunch mon and freeze the other too. I serve with salad normally


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