Quite proud of myself!


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I visited a friend last night who had her heart set on an Indian, despite my insistance that we go to Tesco and I would cook for her so that it would be SW friendly. I argued and argued (you should all be proud of me) but in the end she got her way and I had a veggie korma and half a cheese naan. I know I went over my syns but I've drawn a line, I didn't throw in the towel and eat loads of chocolate (which I wanted to!) and the plan is back on track today.

I know this might seem like a speedbump, but to me, I feel like I've passed some kind of test. This is the kind of situation which would have knocked me straight off the wagon in the past and I've survived, clinging on to the side!

Going to group has made such a difference. I should have done it sooner.
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I know exactly how you feel and it is a big step when you can actually stop yourself from eating the whole 9 yards! Well done!

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You could have had an EE day yesterday Hun and had a chicken dhansak with plain boiled rice for 6.5 syns the same as a chicken rogan josh too. I find this is better than depriving myself. I cant eat nan bread anyway due to my band, and I dont have space to eat a poppadom after either!


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I'm a vegetarian, so I only do green days. Plus, I hardly ever have Indian food so I don't know which are hot and which are mild!


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well done you - i think thats great, one step at a time and all that :D

i felt empowered when i resisted pic and mix...its little things that make huge differences, once you have said no once, it is so much easier to do it again! xxx


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Well done firstly on your insistance (even though you gave in ultimately!) but also on getting straight back on with it, which is fab and such a good change of habit!

But, as Mrs V said, there were a lot of other options you could have chosen that would have been much more syn-friendly. Korma and naan is about as bad as it gets ;)
Veg biryani is a bargain at 11 syns per portion. It's what I usually go for, as it's all in with rice, sauce and an omelette on top and is really quite mild (if heat is a problem for you - also you can always ask your waiter for advice on spice and chilli-temperatures).
Veg curries are usually quite low synned, and in a restaurant, they should cook things with less ghee if you ask them to. Ours does and you can't tell the difference at all. Boiled rice is free. Popadoms are 4 syns each...a bit of creative synning and you can easily work Indian food into your plan, so you wouldn't need to feel deprived at all.

But, not to take away from the fact you're right back on plan today, which is brill :)


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Well done!
I think my head is just starting to get round the concept of not punishing myself & thinking "what the heck" if I'm not as good as I should be, and then totally ruining it by stuffing my face :eek:

Its a good feeling, isn't it? :D


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Well done PinkToaster! It's all these little achievements (and speed bumps) that make up the road to our final goals. Regardless of what you chose, you thought it through and were determined not to let it undermine your week. Sometimes life gets in the way of our eating plans, and learning how to deal with that is the biggest lesson we will ever learn towards staying healthy for the rest of our lives. You did real good! xx


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Well done xxx