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Quorn and mushrooms - a warning!!


Being on SW I became a big Quorn convert and probably ate it at least two or three times per week. And of course, mushrooms being a Free food went into a lot of my meals e.g. stew, spag bol, soups, cooked breakfast, omelettes... so I was probably eating mushrooms most days.

Back in June last year, I started to get really uncomfortable digestive problems. Without giving you too much info, I would suffer from stomach aches, constipation, nausea and even feeling dizzy/faint.

It took me until November to notice a pattern, and I did some research online which suggested that certain foods (quorn and mushrooms included, which are both basically fungus!!!) could cause a build up of 'bad bacteria' in the gut.

I promptly gave up both of these food types. Since then, I have been totally cured!

I still had some quorn in the freezer, and about a monh ago, I thought I'd make a quorn meal, just to use it up, so I cooked a scrummy spag bol, and sure enough that night I was unwell.

I won't be eating it again!!

Has anyone else had any problems with these foods? I think perhaps I just ate too much of them and it built up in my system!

Anyway, just thought I'd let you all know. Hopefully no-one else has suffered with this!

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My brother has had exactly the same problem with exactly the same symptoms Julia! He even ended up in hospital one night because of the pain. He's not on a diet but he and his wife don't like to eat a lot of meat so they regularly had Quorn. It took months to find out what was causing the problem and he's been absolutely fine since he stopped eating it. The dietician told him about the bad bacteria thing and he's now cut out mushrooms as well. Strange that something so natural can cause such problems? xxx


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I can't stand mushrooms, but love Quorn, have eaten it for over 10 years, and eat it most days. I've not had any digestive problems though. I guess it's probably ones of those things that effects some people, but not others. Still worth keeping an eye on tho!!


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I only have it occasionally, but have heard of people having some quite nasty problems with it.


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I love both and lucikly have had no problems. X


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I eat quorn 3/4 times a week and luckily don't have any problems either.
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there's being some research done into the effects of quorn. they've been told by the food standard agency (or someone) to remove the *mushroom in origin* label from their packaging as it's fungus in origin, not mushroom.


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They won't pass Quorn as a safe food here in Canada. It can supposedly cause all kinds of adverse reactions from diarrhea to vomiting.

Any kind of fungus should be limited in your diet, and as most of the packaging doesnt make it clear that quorn is as such, alot of people do eat far too much of it.

The funny thing is, that it was generally a food made for vegetarians, however it can contain egg whites, which Vegan's wouldnt eat anyway. lol


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I haven't had gut problems but I do get skin thrush in creases if I eat to much quorn and mushrooms


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I eat a lot of quorn and mushrooms too, although I've had no problems as yet, but thank you for your warning, I shall know in future what to do if I get any stomach upsets from eating quorn products..


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My only problem with quorn is that I can't get it! As with Canada, it's not sold here in Australia either! I think I may have whinged about this several times before! :rotflmao:

Back on topic though, that's an interesting piece of information and one to be borne in mind as I do eat quite a lot of mushrooms. I've never noticed any issue with them, but it's always better to be aware of these things!


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I don't like the quorn mince, are you okay eating the asda meatfree mince (freezer section)? It's much nicer anyway, and still free. Does it help if you eat yogurts with good bacteria in?