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Quorn Burgers

Thank you

:) these are in a bag in the freezer but just plain simple quorn burgers so Im hoping they should be ok :)

Something different I can eat thats free :)
have you tried them before what are they like? xx


A moaning old boot!!!!
It depends what kind they are, there are some that are free and there are some that are 1/2 syn. Not much though so wouldnt do a huge dent unless you were eating lots of them


Vegetarian who lives2eat
As long as they are the ones that look a bit like real burgers they are the free ones. They are quite nice,just dont cook them for too long as they dry up, I put in microwave for 1 min and then just brown in the fry pan for another min. great with a fry up. let me know what you thought of them.
yep, they just look like normal beef burgers no flavourings or anything special added to them
(look a bit like flat quorn sausages!!)
thats cool :) i will give them a try soon

thankyou everyone :) xx
I really want the southern coated chicken ones but I think they have a few syns each.


Vegetarian who lives2eat
I think they have 7 syns, i am so sad I have eaten them and scrapped off the top coating before to save some syns.I love the lemon and black pepper escalopes


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I love these things, take out the freezer, spray of frylight on each side, whack them in the George Forman, mince about a bit, have a wee, smoke a cig, put some lettuce on a plate and then chuck the burgers on fabulous!


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I don't think they make them in the bags any more -at least they're not listed online. But I found these.

Quorn Original Burgers, Surprisingly Succulent, 2/4 pack, frozen 50g/70g each

Original ½ Syn
Green ½ Syn

Quorn Southern Style Burgers, Surprisingly Satisfying, 4 pack, frozen 63g each

Original 2½ Syns
Green 2½ Syns



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But according to syns online the one's in a box are not syn free - they're half a syn? :confused:

you are right- they are not free after all. just checked. they are 1/2 syn. Sorry! Hasn't made any difference to my weight loss though thinking they were free lol!!!
Its only the quorn fillets or mince thats free girlies.

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