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Quorn....not mince


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Does anyone have any quorn recipes that do not involve quorn mince?

I have never been a fan of mince in any shape or form. I think it's the texture.

All quorn recipes I can find involve mince. I have quorn fillets, quorn steak strips and quorn chunks in the freezer but have no idea what to do with them lol
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Hey Hazy :)

Have a look on the quorn site, Our Recipes there are some pretty good recipes there, all can be easily adapted for 1 person if you need [I change them all to one person servings, cos no-one else I know will touch the stuff and the boy has sussed me using "That Fake Food"...] The first page does look to be mostly mince, but at the bottom it says "all recipes" and there are plenty non-mince ones.

I sometimes use the pieces instead of mince in lasagne, for a different texture.

There's a special offer on the quorn packets in the supermarkets at the moment too. If you get two special packs, you can fill in the codes on the website and get a cookbook for £2.99 or something like that, it's a pretty good book, takes about 3 weeks to deliver the order though, so get in quick if you have the codes on any quorn at home!
hiya, i always have the quorn pieces in the freezer, and i make stir frys with them. Either with cous cous or noodles. I fry mushrooms and oinions then fry the quorn mince with light oil spray, i add soy sauce and garlic powder and sweetcorn, peas, kidney beans and if i use noodles i add beansprouts, carrots or use the stir fry packs u can get from the supermarket. U could add a sachet of a favourite sauce e.g black bean or chow mein. Hope this helps. x
i use quorn fillets in most recipes that say quorn mince because i prefer them to the mince. i find its usually works well, i just cut a couple of them up and add them instead :)


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Thanks SO much folks, some fantastic ideas there.

Auburn, I looked at the quorn website and didn't notice the link at the bottom of the page, it's opened up a new world to me. Loving the sound of the moroccan tagine, that's the first dish on my list :D.

I'm going to take you up on your suggestion of the cookbook. It may just give me some new ideas.

I made a curry with some chicken style pieces and my hubby and 6 year old son loved it. In fact, my little one was licking the plate, so luckily I'll be able to feed the family with it.

Thanks again folks, this is one of the examples of why this site is a lifeline to lots of people. If it wasn't for you guys helping each other out, I don't know if many would make it at all. Mwah xx
Quorn chicken chucks are super! Especially with Curry powder or chilli and its a LOT cheaper than meat. I only have myself to feed at the moment but with 2 bags of quorn chicken and mince i have enough for the whole week for 8 euro.
wheres that kitty
If you look at the Quorn packs in the supermarket, there's some which have an offer on for a recipe book - You need two promo packs with these codes, there's quite a lot of variety, its across the freezer stuff as well as the chilled stuff. Then you bung the codes into the quorn site and give em £2.99 I think, and then they send you the recipe book. Its a decent book, lots of recipes!!!
Oh super thanks a million doll :)

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