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Hi everyone

I joined SW a couple of weeks ago (2nd weigh in on Tuesday) and seems to be making sense slowly.

A lot of the recipes have quorn in them - I tried quorn sausages from sainsbury's and nearly gagged!!! yuk! Do they taste differently according to manufacturers? If so, can anyone recommend any?

I also have quorn mince in the freezer but too scared to try it in case it's yukky too!
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obviously its a personal taste thing, i can stomach the sausages but they are not the best thing in the range, it is worth trying different things,the chicken style pieces are nice as are the lamb style grills ( those they are 1.5 syns each) . The escalopes are really nice buit a bit higher in syns
I like the sausages. I think it's important not to expect them to taste like beef sausages or pork sausages, but I find them very useful.
I like the quorn mince for chilli and I love the quorn fajita pieces too.
Thanks guys ...... I'm going to be brave and try making Chilli con Carne tomorrow night ....

Will def try the chicken style and lamb style grills - if I'm being honest, I think I was expecting the sausages to taste like meat sausages! :)

You do need to try different makes of meat substitutes to find one you like. I dislike quorn and don't use any of it. I do however like soya based products, my favourite is Linda McCartney and Sainsburys. ASDA's is nice too. They do come with a small syn value but worth it for the taste :)


I ♥ Slimming World :)
I have been on SW about the same length as you, and I have also been getting into and trying out the Quorn range.

We used the mince (buy one get one free from Tesco atm!!) to make a shepherd's pie, and also a spag bol on consecutive nights this week and they were both fab!! Wouldn't have known it wasn't mince imo (and my kids still don't know haha).

Had the sausages this evening and although they didn't taste like real sausages they were also quite nice - they were baked in beans (recipe from SW website). Quorn seems to adopt the taste of whatever it is in, so maybe worth a go in a casserole just to give them one last try?

Good luck with everything, and especially your weight loss :)
I make a sausage casserole in the slow cooker. I put veggie ones in for eldesest daughter and meat ones in for youngest daughter, and you can't tell which is which when they ahve been casseroled for 6 hours. I know my poor eldest, who gags at the thought of meat, has eaten the wrong ones before, and my poor carnivore daughter has had the quorn!!



I ♥ Slimming World :)
can i ask y are the lamb style grills 1.5 syns? yet the peppered steak ones are 0? yet both are quorn??? Im confusssssssed lol!!!!! xx

Have to confess i dont know why the difference, but its what the book says. Maybe its whatever they use to gice them the lamb flavour? they are lovely tho and well worth the syns
He he. with difficulty. Becuse I remembered afterward that I ahd pu the quorn in the left and the meat in the right, and I served it up a**e about face!! If you see what you mean. I also finished off one of the eldest half eated leftovers, and I could ahve sworn it was meat, which made me think. But to be honest I was never 100%
I pretty much live on Quorn now-when I want 'meat'. I've been an almost veggie for a long time now (13 years) and I will only eat the occasional bit of fish and poultry. And last year, after watching some pretty horrific animal welfare videos, I decided to change the type of meat I will eat-going only for free range/organic, which is bloody expensive. So Quorn comes in very handy when I want a meat 'hit' but can't afford the higher quality meat and obviously if I want something red meat 'style' :)
I'll stop waffling now as I'm just raving about Quorn.... But in my opinion, no other brand beats Quorn. But my Sister, who is now a proper veggie, prefers a lot of the supermarkets own brand meat alternatives. So I think the best thing you can do is try a few and find the ones you like the best. Also try different recipes as they can often taste very different in different dishes :D
i can not get to grips with the sausages i have tried all different ways of cooking them, but i do like the mince, i make a chilli and spag bog, i put lots of herbs and spices in them. The thing i like best about the mince is there is no fat in it at all.

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