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R/C online??

Hello everyone,

Just a quick question, I am considering signing upto the Rosemary Conley diet online as with shift work between myself and hubby I would struggle to get to a class every week having a 3year old.

I was wondering if anyone is following the diet online and if so would you say it is as effective as going to a class?
Also how does the plan work? are there set meals for breakfast, dinner and tea to choose from and you can put a daily meal plan together or do you have to input your own meals and calories etc and work out your own meal plan.

I feel it is time to give up all of the faddy diets I have tried and not got anywhere with and replace them with a sensible diet as we are trying for another baby and I would love to be able to eat sensibly and healthily throughout should I get pregnant :eek:

Thanks in advance xx
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Hi I don't do it online, but I have heard of many who do it successfully.

You can either follow the menus suggested or substitute your own meals or put your own together.

You will also benefit from RC.TV online when it launches properly in January, with motivational videos, chats with Hilary Jones, Raj Persaud, & Rosemary (plus others), recipes, exercise etc

Thanx for that sarah :)

Have decided I'm going to sign up for it for a month and see how I get on, and if I like it will just keep my membership running.

Looking forward to joining and following a back to basics sensible diet

Off to sign up now!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D xxxx
ooh thanx again, will have to have a look on the facebook group and will look forward to the foods coming out.

Just trying to work a food diary out online as we speak, ready to start tomorrow :D



gunna be a fatty for ever
ooooh do u know the link sarah? xx

sorry im such a pain arent i!!hheheh


gunna be a fatty for ever
nooo the face book group! i have looked but all the ones i have found have hardly got any member in it max is about 50 people!

is it the one called rosemary conley official group?

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gunna be a fatty for ever
hehehe thanks sarah!!


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