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Hi All
As most of you know i've been doing lipotrim since mid sept, with a break at xmas and lost 48.5lb and a further stone before i started lipotrim. I thought i'd tell you my background and give you my story because i think doing this is a personal achievement and gives to a very worthy cause.
Up until i was 11 i was extremely underweight, then i got run over by a bus - literally, i went underneath the back wheels, i spent a lot of time in and out of hospitals, having skin graphs on my leg and have a horrific scar, due to not being able to walk i put on weight and have struggled ever since, my knee has suffered and i have had further operations. I've lost weight a few times but put it back on due to personal tragedy. On the day i passed my degree my father passed away from leukemia, it wasn't expected, then 3 years on and my mother was diagnosed with bowel cancer and given 3 months (2 days after this she died of emphesyma). within 3 years my world collapsed. I started exercising in the summer and set a goal to run the race for life for in memory of my parents who i miss daily and were proud to have had as parents. I then found lipotrim and doing really well, and doing 5k per day jogging. Although my knee hurts it feels so much better since i've lost weight and i will not let it beat me! All i'm asking is for people to donate via my link - even if you can only afford 50p, it will all add up. It will make a difference to peoples' lives and you can help.
Thank you in advance and apologies for being such a long post. Sorry forgot to say, you can give online, this goes straight to cancer research and counts as my sponsors - its a secure site. please click on the link under my signature
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Hi Welshie
Such a worthy cause, your quite right we have all been affected in someway thank you for sharing your story. I have just recently donated to this cause but wanted to show support to you and sponsered you. Hope you get to your target im sure you will. Good luck to you and well done for your fab efforts:)


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Fantastic cause, and an amazing achievement! All the best lovie.



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Thank you both for donating thats very kind, thanks, and good luck on your journeys.


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Just wanted to say good luck in your Race For Life - it truly is an amazing experience. I did one at Epsom a couple of years ago when I was not fit, was probably around 20st when I did it. I walked all the way round, up and down the Epsom Racecourse - lots of steep hills and it took me 1hr 40 mins which I thought was a fantastic time for me. My friends who I went with ran it and they completed it in about 40-50mins and they were so far ahead that they came back and met me with about about 1km to go and walked that bit again with me. They were surprised at the pace I was going at considering I had done no training, was extremely fat and unfit lol. BUT

the satisfaction and achievement I felt at the end was simply amazing - Yes I was tired, aching and fit to drop but felt like I was on cloud nine for actually finishing it. I mgiht do another one one day when I am a lot fitter.

Good luck with that and most of all have a fantastic time. The atmosphere is simply wonderful at those events and all the other "runners" (lol) are so friendly and helpful. Its a fun day out, even though tiring but just amazing.