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Rachel L's Diary

Rachel L

Full Member
I've decided it's time i started a diary. The reason for the diary - i've been struggling this past month :(. I've only lost a pound after lots of yo-yoing and want to get focused again.

A bit of background about my diet -
Started on the 12th of January. I am doing calorie counting and have lost 1St 10lbs to date :) and am initially aiming to loose three stone overall. The first three months went really well. Started on around 1800 calories a day then dropped to 1500 calories, increased the walking and exercise, and had a fairly steady loss. Then lots of stress and health problems hit and the diet got a real struggle.

Now i'm back on the diet for real. I am making progress as my food tastes are changing (got a thing for fruit salad at the moment). I just need to work on my resolve when i'm tired. I'm hoping this diary will help.

Going well so far. Only eaten a banana for breakfast and am going to plan my lunch. Think i need to plan my food more, which i was doing when i began this diet. I'm off on holiday to Cornwall at the end of June and want to get some more weight shifted by then. I just need to have faith in myself that i can do this.
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Rachel L

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Can't believe how hungry i am. I was out weeding my vegetable patch when the smell of a barbeque wafted over. That was it - my stomach is now focused completely on food.
I'm now trying to distract myself and wait for my dinner in a couple of hours. I'm just trying to imagine all those calories being used up when i get this hungry.


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How lovely to have a vegetable patch, Rachel - what are you growing? I can't plan meals a day in advance, nevermind choosing what to grow for meals six months in advance! :)

Congratulations on being over half way to your three stone goal, if that doesn't prove you've got the willpower to get all the way there then I don't know what does!

Rachel L

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Hi Ratty - I'm growing carrots, parsnips and runner beans so far in my little veg patch. I've also got some lettuce seed to try and my father usually gives me some tomato plants.

A quick update on my week so far. Been a bit of a hectic one. I've brought a new car - a red ford escort 1.8 s.i. R reg and have completely fallen in love with it. Bit of a rollercoaster of emotions as the last two cars i have brought have been very bad buys and i was paranoid this was going to be the same. It has been to the garage today and is all in good condition. Got a bit overexcited and slipped off the diet the other night but haven't done too much damage.

On the down side the chest infection i had just over a week ago has come back but i'm not stuffing my face like i did the weekend before last when i was ill. I think i may finally be making progress with my eating.
Got my fingers crossed the bug will shift quickly and i will be on for a good loss for my weigh in on sunday.

Rachel L

Full Member
It's my official weigh in day today and i managed 12St 8lbs, which is 2lbs off. Bit cross with myself as i was 12St 7 yesterday morning but i pigged out yesterday.

What happened - the chest infection i've got turned into a really grotty cold. I did really well sticking to my diet until late afternoon when i got home from having gone to the opticians and felt terrible. I curled up on the sofa with a beer and some crispbreads. Then hubby cooked me a really fattening meal and it all fell apart. The scales definately had to be coaxed into going downwards.

So it's a new day, my colds a lot better, and it's the start of my next diet week. I still need to take it easy today but i'm going to stick to my diet plan. If the weather stays fine i will try and fit in a walk round the village and as i am cooking dinner i can make that low fat. Unfortunately my husband doesn't really do low fat cooking.
I must use today to plan next weeks meals a bit. I'm only working three days and then have a five day break. Just hope the weather cheers up a bit.

Rachel L

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A quick update on the week - not a good one diet wise. I've been off work since thursday and decided to come off the diet as the chest infection i had has left me very run down and has flared up my underlying health problems. For the first couple of days i ate and drank everything in sight. Then yesterday my eating and drinking began to settle down. Today i have got up and don't feel the need to just sit and eat. I don't know if it's because i'm starting to feel better but i definately seem to be getting my head in the right place again. I think that has been one of my main problems for the last couple of months.
So i braved the scales and i appear to have stayed the same, which would be great for this week.

I need to rethink the diet again - and as i was going to write down my thoughts here seems as good a place as any.

Alcohol - i seem much more able to only have one drink when i'm sitting around. Unfortunately i now need to work on doing the same with soft drink. I buy in a bottle of low calorie fizz and then will drink it in one day. I want to be able to have one drink of fruit juice (or something with calories) when i get in from work as a treat and then not have any more.

Food - not doing too badly. Found i still have a problem with foods where i can go back and have more, such as crackers and large bags of crisps. Going to try and only have snacks in the house where i am limited to a portion size. I want something where i can have a little when i get in tired but can't keep dipping back. I was thinking of possibly a bar of chocolate split into portions as a calorie counted treat. Hope this makes some sense...:)

For the next week - going to try and get back to controlling what i'm eating. As my health is still not good i'm going to try for 1800 calories a day. This will keep my weight under control and i may even loose a pound.

Also going to post on this thread more. It's odd that for those days when i wasn't on the diet i really didn't want to come to this site. I think i felt a bit of a failure. I've now got past this and realise if i need some time off the diet that's fine, i just need to keep it all under control.

Rachel L

Full Member
Another week, another pound gone :).
Just looking back at my posts and i do seem to ramble on. Hope i'm not boring anyone who's reading all this.

As i'm off on holiday at the end of the month i've decided to take it easy this month, aiming for a small loss, and then go back on the diet more strictly when i get back from my holiday. I'm still all over the place with my eating and keep slipping.

I've decided this month to concentrate on doing a bit of yoga and not eating when i get in from work ( my weak point :()
So it's not been going too badly. I'm slowly feeling more flexible, although i am sticking to the very easy yoga poses to begin with.
The not eating when i get in still needs some working on. I want to have a banana for my afternoon break at work and then not eat between getting home, around 4-30, and six o'clock. I've found if i can make it to six i am rested and have a bit more willpower. The question is can i manage this all week?
Bit of a mixed week. It was my birthday and i over ate and drank. My ticker has now been put back up two pounds.

On the good side my head seems to be getting back to the right place for dieting. I haven't had any alcohol at home since my birthday and am starting to make progress on stopping snacking (particuarly when i get home from work). I've got my husband on board for helping me when i get weak.

I must be in the right frame of mind now as i've even ordered myself a fitness dvd. The yoga is already beginning to make an impact on my flexibility. Things are looking up :).
It's monday evening and things are still going well. I think i've been doubting myself too much. Have managed to stick to what i intended to eat today. Even did some skipping yesterday. My legs are aching a lot today but i still feel like i want to excercise. I just hope this enthusiasm lasts :). I'm finally feeling optimistic about my diet and getting fit.
congratulations on the weight loss youve done well, im sure you will get into the right frame of mind but you seem to be coping with everything so well done . have a nice holiday when it comes round tc
I'm back off my holiday and only put on a pound. Plus am feeling really pleased as i look a lot slimmer this year in my holiday snaps. It's good to see the loss there in front of me. I now have some shape to my figure.

So it's back to the diet. I have updated my ticker and am going for 6lbs in the July challenge. I have also set myself the target of getting 10lbs off by the end of the first week in september. This will take me down to 12 stone exactly. One of my big aims is to get below 12 stone.

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